The Echo Sound Absorbers prevent Noise Pollution offers three acoustic solutions for noisy sites, whether it's a construction site in the middle of London or a popular concert venue with nearby neighbours. The Echo barrier can help you either as a station like the image below surrounding the noise source or as flexible panels either draped over Heras fence panels or smaller sound barriers for noise pollution. 

These products are lightweight for easy movement and storage, and certified waterproof, cold-resistant, and fire-resistant. They are easy to deploy and fit into any work site.

Cutting Station Sound Barriers

echo cutting station animation

Designed primarily for construction sites where localized cutting of steel, wood and other materials produces a lot of noise and dust.
The easy to install cutting station can vent the dust through an aperture at the back to a skip or bag whilst containing most of the noise.

The Echo Barrier CS Cutting Station™ is a portable, quick-to-deploy acoustic enclosure that reduces noise pollution from cutting jobs.
The Cutting Station™ reduces noise by up to 40dB and prevents the spread of debris from cutting jobs. It is also designed to allow ample visibility and safe handling of oversize items.

Diagram showing an ideal placement for the echo station.

noise pollution diagram cs

H8 Heras Acoustic Screen

H8 acoustic cover for heras fence

Heras Acoustic Fence Panels

  • When you need to create long stretches of acoustic fencing – fast – the H8 acoustic barrier is the ideal option.
  • At 3.5 metres, an H8 barrier is about three times the length of our standard product – yet it’s still lightweight at just 9 kg.
  • It’s also waterproof, weatherproof, fire-resistant, and has a five-year lifespan.
  • Buy once and use for 5 years!

Acoustic barrier placement advice.

noise pollution diagram h8

H9 Acoustic Barriers

H9 acoustic barrier

The Echo-Barrier H-Series™ offers unmatched noise reduction. Developed by a team of leading acoustic experts, the H-Series reduces sound by up to 99%.
H-Series acoustic barriers are lightweight and portable. They are also certified fire-resistant to ASTM E84 standards/BS7837:1996.
H-Series acoustic panels are designed for easy transportation, quick installation, and speedy disassembly.

Because they can fit easily onto existing or portable infrastructure, they can be used to cut noise pollution in almost any work environment.

Our specialized acoustic barrier products give you the same ease of installation and durability as our Echo Barrier H-Series. But they’re designed to achieve noise control in more unusual, and often more difficult, situations.
Our range includes extra fire-resistant barriers that perform in extreme temperatures; highly absorbent barriers and cross dampers for areas with troublesome sound reflections; and products designed specifically to work with pedestrian barriers.

noise pollution diagram h8

The Echo Barrier H9 offers outstanding all-round performance, complementing exceptional noise absorption and reduction with portability, flexibility, durability and adaptability. Resistant to water and to extremes of temperature, the Echo Barrier H9 is the most popular barrier in the range, with an outstanding 41 dB loss in independent lab testing. The H9 meets an array of environmental challenges, including fire regulations, with exceptional results in ASTM E84 fire tests.

h9 echo barrier panels and features

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