Merlin Industrial Products Ltd is situated in Devon, nestled at the southernmost point of Dartmoor. With over three decades of expertise, the company has been at the forefront of providing an interactive industrial catalogue. Leveraging their extensive experience as seasoned engineers, Merlin Industrial Products Ltd stands poised to offer invaluable advice on a wide range of storage and handling requirements.

Merlin Industrial Products Ltd stands as a beacon of excellence in the industrial supplies and equipment sector. With a rich history dating back to 1994, they have consistently delivered unmatched quality and service. Their commitment to innovation ensures they stay at the forefront of industry advancements.

Merlin Industrial Products Ltd boasts an extensive range of products, including storage solutions, workplace equipment, machine tools, and much more, catering to diverse industrial needs. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is unrivalled, offering tailored solutions and expert advice to meet individual requirements.

The company's strong ethical stance towards sustainability and environmental responsibility is evident in their eco-friendly product options and waste reduction initiatives. Their reliable delivery and responsive customer support make them a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.

In summary, Merlin Industrial Products Ltd shines with a stellar track record, a commitment to innovation, a vast product range, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, setting the standard for excellence in the industrial supplies' industry.

Unlike paper catalogues, issued every year, this site is updated daily, does not take up space, leaves trees unharmed and can easily be searched.

Merlin Industrial Products were one of the first companies to have a website back in 1996 with the main site saved for the future on the Internet archive in 1998

The Merlin today has a wealth of information and experience on most probably the widest range of industrial equipment. The latest website has been designed to help you find the information that you need quickly on your mobile phone or tablet.

Merlin Industrial is still run by engineers who can understand technical enquiries and supply a solution that will not only work but be as cost-effective as possible.

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Merlin Industrial Products Ltd

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Some of the products that Merlin Industrial Products Ltd supplies.

Merlin Industrial Products

 Merlin Industrial Products can also offer finance and leasing options through third-party companies. 

Collection and Deliveries

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The latest news is always available at the Merlin Blog and our online shops categories, with links are shown below.

Access Equipment Shop

A range of ladders, steps, platforms, and scaffolding to allow easy and safe access to items normally beyond reach. Including Loft Ladders, Plastic Steps, Work Platforms. Perfect for the maintenance, warehouse, and production areas.

Castors & Wheels Shop

Whether you’re a customer looking to replace a worn-out castor or wheel, or a manufacturer designing a new mobile product, understanding the various options for castors and wheels can be crucial to ensuring optimal performance and functionality..

Environmental Products

A great range of products including Recycling, Litter and Office Bins, including our famous Combin and uBin, as well as Cigarette Bins and Ashtrays. We also have Janitorial Supplies, Grit Bins, Entrance Matting and even Spill Control equipment as well.

Furniture and Accessories

Furniture for the office, canteen, reception and meeting areas. Also educational and drawing equipment.

Handling Shop

Handling Products, including Dollies, Lifters, Mobile Storage, Pallet Trucks, Sack Trucks, Scissor Lift Tables and a vast array of Mobile Trucks & Trolleys. As well as our new range of Forks and Fork Attachment equipment, most of which is in stock ready to be dispatched.

Medical Products

As well as various medical products there is an extensive range of Medical Seating from Examination Stools to Visitor & Patient Seating and even Phlebotomy Treatment Chairs.

Safety Products

Safety products are designed and manufactured to make the workplace safer. Our ranges include safety barriers, access ramps and anti-slip products.

Safety Signs & Labels

Safety signs are important because they communicate important information and warnings to people in order to prevent accidents, injuries, or even fatalities. Safety signs use standardized symbols, colours, and language to quickly and clearly convey messages that can be easily understood by anyone, regardless of their language or literacy level.

Storage Products

Our Storage products include Lockers, Tool Cabinets, Steel Pigeonhole Units, Industrial Cabinets and Hazardous Storage Cabinets. We also have a huge range of Shelving and Racking available as well with quick deliveries perfect for that sudden inspection.

Workshop Products

Workshop products include Workbenches, Tools, Tool Boxes, Tool Chests and Tool Cabinets. As well as Cutting Stations, a vast range of Drills and various ESD products. Merlin Industrial Products are sill part of the Meddings manufacturing group.

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