Wheelbarrows are a great tool for gardeners and anyone needing to transport loads over uneven ground.  The models below are manufactured and designed so that they are industrial and offer ease of use along with extended lifespans whilst working on construction sites and commercial gardens.

Industrial Wheelbarrows

200 Litre Wheelbarrows

WB200B 200 litre wheelbarrow

Product Code WB200B

  • 200 litre heaped capacity
  • Mobile on 2 x 400mm pneumatic wheels for use over rough terrain
  • Size of 1620L x 700W x 770H mm
  • Body size of 1080L x 700W x 420H mm
  • Some assembly required

Hefty Wheelbarrows

WB726B hefty wheelbarrows

Product Code WB726B

  • 100% virgin pure HDPE plastic body with a galvanised steel frame
  • Mobile on a 400 mm Pneumatic wheel
  • Large 140L heaped capacity

Colour: Blue
Weight kg: 12
Body L x W mm: 990 x 580
Capacity Litres: 140

90 Litre Galvanised Wheelbarrow

WB713B 90l galvanised wheelbarrow

Product Code WB713B

Capacity Litres: 90
Size L x W x H mm: 1280 x 590 x 540

  • Galvanised steel rust resistant body. 
  • Mobile on a 300mm pneumatic wheel for use over rough terrain

90 Litre Steel Wheelbarrow

 WB712B 90l steel wheelbarrow

Product Code WB712B

Capacity Litres: 90
Size L x W x H mm: 1280 x 590 x 540

  • Under pan support that gives far greater strength. 
  • Mobile on a 300mm pneumatic wheel for uneven terrain.

Wheelbarrow Skip

SB12P wheelbarrow skip

Product Code SB12P (Pneumatic), SB12 (Solid)
Wheel type Pneumatic or  Solid
Wheel diameter (mm) 400
Overall width (mm) 900
Capacity (UDL - kg) 250
Delivery time (days) 15 Working Days
Overall height (mm) 680
Overall length (mm) 1650


Plastic Industrial Fixed Body Wheelbarrows

Plastic Industrial Fixed Body Wheelbarrows are designed for extended use around farms and heavy-duty applications and are available in three 250 litre capacity models offering various advantages. The narrow model has been designed to fit through a standard doorway whilst offering the same capacity as the other models.


  • Tough & durable polyethylene body mounted on to a galvanised metal frame.
  • The barrow is fitted with 2 roller bearing 4-ply pneumatic wheels and 2 rubber handle grips.
  • Lightweight even with heavy loads.


  • Large capacity makes it ideal for efficiently cleaning out straw from sheds or stables.
  • Suitable for transporting new born calves and other small animals.
  • Delivers superior manoeuvrability and smooth handling.
  • Lightweight even with heavy loads reducing physical strain on the user.
  • Galvanised frame and polyethylene body ensures a long-life span.
  • Replacement wheels and handle grips available.


  • Ensure barrow is front heavy if tipping.
  • Keep wheels inflated to 30 PSI for optimum performance.

Treble Wheeled Wheelbarrow

twb2g treble fixed body wheelbarrow

This 250 Litre wheelbarrow is fitted with a galvanised metal frame, 2 roller bearing pneumatic wheels and a heavy-duty swivel wheel to deliver superior manoeuvrability and smooth handling.

Model: TWB2-G
Dimensions: 1575 x 865 x 720 mm
Capacity: 250 Litres


Fixed Body Wheelbarrow

TWBG agricultural wheelbarrow

This 250 Litre wheelbarrow is fitted with a galvanized metal frame and roller bearing pneumatic wheels to deliver superior manoeuvrability and smooth handling. It is tough, durable, and lightweight in use, even with heavy loads.

Model: TWBG
Capacity: 250 Litres
Dimensions: 1800 x 865 x 720 mm


Narrow Feed Wheelbarrow

TWB7 slim fixed barrow

The slim, narrow shape makes it particularly suited for narrow passageways in farm buildings and stables. Fitted with 2 pneumatic wheels and 2 wheels for optimum manoeuvrability.

Model: TWB7
Dimensions: 1200 x 630 x 800 mm
Capacity: 250 Litres


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