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Environmental products like spillage control and recycling are the main categories associated with this section, and we have added smoking and bicycle shelters along with flooring for all areas of the workplace. A new section is measurement suitable for schools, colleges and laboratories which includes the Kern range of scales.

As well as the wide range of information listed below, we also have relevant products in our secure online shop, along with Special Offers that may be of interest.

This section contains the following subcategories, please choose one to browse;

Environmental Shop Category

Environmental Shop Category

A great range of products including Recycling, Litter and Office Bins, including our infamous Combin and uBin, as well as Cigarette Bins and Ashtrays. We also have Janitorial Supplies, Grit Bins, Entrance Matting and even Spill Control equipment as well.

Drum Spill Pallet for 1 Drum

Size: 900 x 700 x 525mm (LxWxH). 

Sump: 225L. 

Lead time - 1 week.


Drum Spill Pallet for 2 Drums

Size: 1220 x 820 x 330mm (LxWxH). 

Sump: 240L. 

Lead time - 1 week.


Drum Spill Pallet for 3 Drums

Size: 1785 x 780 x 240mm (LxWxH). 

Sump: 228L. 

Lead time - 1 week.


Drum Spill Pallet for 4 Drums

Size: 1280 x 1285 x 275mm (LxWxH).

Sump: 230L.

Lead time - 1 week.


Drum Spill Pallet for 4 Drums High Capacity Sump

Size: 1220 x 1220 x 495mm (LxWxH). 

Sump: 440L. 

Lead time - 1 week.


Drum Spill Pallet for 8 Drums

Size: 2560 x 1350 x 510mm (LxWxH).

 Sump: 1140L. 

Lead time - 1 week.


Drum Cover for 205L Drums

Size: 650 x 70mm (D x H). 

Suitable for 200L Drums.

Lead time: 1 week.


Tight Fit Drum Lid for 205L Drums

Size: 630 x 160mm (DxH).

Suitable for 200L Drums.

Lead time: 1 week.


Drum Funnel with Lid for 205L Drums

Size: 610 x 230mm (D x H). 

Suitable for 200L Drums.

Lead time: 1 week.


Drum Funnel for 205L Drums

Size: 870 x 240mm (DxH). 

Suitable for 200L Drums.

Lead time: 1 week.


IBC Funnel and Lid for 1000L IBC

Size: 640 x 150mm (DxH).

Suitable for 1000L IBCs. 

Lead time: 1 week.


IBC Overflow Tray for 1000L IBC

Size: 525 x 545 x 835mm (LxWxH). 

Suitable for 1000L IBCs.

Lead time: 1 week.


Drum Spill Tray

Size: 870 x 190mm (DxH). 

Suitable for use with 200L Drums.

Lead time: 1 week.


Battery Pod Recycling Bin 10 Litres

Capacity: 10 Litres.

Size: 249 x 276mm (HxD).

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Battery Pod Recycling Bin 18 Litres

Capacity: 18 Litres.

Size: 395 x 376mm (HxD).

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Battery Pod Recycling Bin 30 Litres

Capacity: 30 Litres.

Size: 603 x 276mm (HxD).

Lead time: 3 weeks.


Battery Recycling Bin 50 Litres

Capacity: 50 Litres.

Size: 936 x 430mm.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.


Big Bin Waste and Recycling Bins

160 litres.

Supplied in packs of 5.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.


Calf MiniBuddy Litter Bin

60 Litres.

Size: 808 x 522/376mm (HxD).

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Classic Black Litter Bin

105 Litres.

Plastic Liner and Gold Banding both included.

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Cleaning equipment such as linen trolleys, safety signs for wet floors and trolleys for cleaning tables in a restaurant. With the outbreak of COVID-19 Merlin has added hand sanitisers and a variety of janitorial trolleys.

Janitorial Category 200x200

Merlin Industrial have a wide range of flooring for production areas, entrance matting and anti-fatigue mats along with anti-slip. Specialist anti-static matting helps protect SSD's. Recently added are flooring for stables and ground stabilisation matting.

Flooring Category

Measuring equipment suitable for schools, laboratories and industrial use. As well as weighing objects for scientific purposes scales can be used for stock takes and quickly establishing the quantity of an item based on the overall weight.

platform scales measuring category

Recycling section for recycling waste, batteries, papers, cans and everything else. From large banks manufactured for car parks and public areas to recycled cardboard bins for the office.

u-bin plastic recycling bin with different coloured tops

Industrial shelters for smokers, cyclists and companies wishing for extra secure storage. As well as the green space shelters we have shelters for wheelie bins helping areas hide unsightly equipment.

moonshape bicycle shelter

Spillage control solutions including mats, absorbents, berms and other containment equipment. Plastic or steel bunds allow spills to be safely collected protecting the environment and helping companies avoid severe penalties.

Spillage  Control Category

The waste management section contains a wide range of bins and skips including cigarette, waste, wall-mounted and free-standing bins. The bins can be steel, plastic, wooden or concrete depending on your waste management requirements.

waste management and Bins Category

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