Safety Platforms for working at height in comfort and safety.

Discover cutting-edge access platforms meticulously crafted for secure operations at elevated heights, specifically tailored for warehouse and industrial settings. Our range encompasses lightweight podiums for versatile applications and robust, heavy-duty steel platforms meticulously designed to streamline tasks such as container offloading and vehicle maintenance. Elevate your safety standards and operational efficiency with our precision-engineered solutions.

Work platform prices.

Work Platforms have largely replaced the use of stepladders for longer duration tasks at low-level heights. Health and safety officers prefer work platforms because of their additional safety features. With various heights and additional options.
Ladders designed for industrial and personal use in a wide range of materials and sizes

Our ladders are meticulously crafted to cater to both industrial and personal needs, available in a diverse range of materials and sizes. For high voltage electrical work, we offer sturdy fibreglass ladders, while our aluminium ladders adhere to EN131 standards, providing exceptional strength with minimal weight. Additionally, we have recently introduced wooden loft ladders to our product line, further expanding our range of options for our customers.

Ladder prices.

Ladders, Step Ladders, Combination Ladders and Xtend and Climb Ladders. Available in aluminium and GRP fibreglass, suitable for use in a wide range of commercial applications from building maintenance and warehouse use through to telecoms.
Mobile safety steps for order picking and for use in narrow aisles.

Our mobile safety steps are designed to ensure the safe and efficient movement of boxes in various environments. With different tread angles, these steps provide optimal stability and grip, allowing you to carry boxes securely using both hands. Additionally, our mobile safety steps are specifically designed to navigate narrow aisles, making it easier to traverse between shelving and racking without any hindrance. This ensures smooth and hassle-free operations in your workspace while prioritizing safety.

Safety steps for warehouse and office use including Kick steps and Lightweight Aluminium.

Our comprehensive range of safety steps caters to the needs of both warehouses and offices, featuring kick steps, plastic steps, and Lightweight Aluminium A-frame models with multi-functional steps. These safety steps are thoughtfully designed to enable operators to safely access elevated areas for maintenance and other functions, ensuring a secure and efficient working environment. Whether in a warehouse or office setting, our diverse selection of safety steps provides the necessary support for tasks at various heights, promoting safety and productivity.

Scaffolding in Aluminium offering easy reach platforms and access towers.

Over the years, scaffolding has primarily been manufactured using aluminium, providing durability and reliability. However, with advancements in technology and materials, we are now able to offer even more versatile and efficient options for various applications.

One notable innovation is the introduction of scaffolding towers and structures made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) glass fibre. These GRP scaffolding solutions are specifically designed for working on high voltage systems, ensuring enhanced safety and insulation. With their lightweight yet robust construction, they provide a reliable platform for electrical work at elevated heights.

Additionally, we now offer telescopic platforms that are designed to be easily transported in small vans and erected by just one person. These telescopic platforms provide convenience and flexibility, allowing for quick setup and dismantling without compromising on stability and safety.

By embracing these new technologies and materials, we aim to provide scaffolding solutions that meet the evolving needs of various industries, ensuring efficiency, safety, and ease of use for workers.

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