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Information page for Merlin Industrial

The business is situated very near to Dartmoor, in Devon. Ivybridge is the southernmost town next to the famous moor.

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Full Address;

Merlin Industrial Products Ltd
Kingsley Close, East Way
Lee Mill Industrial Estate,


United Kingdom

  • Phone 01752 690622
  • UK Free Phone 0800 0418 650

“From the car park to the roof and all areas in between!”

Company Information for Merlin Industrial Products Ltd:

  • Vat GB591551821 Company Number 02906480 – 1994
  • Dun and Bradstreet Number (581590544)
  • NATO Code Number (NCAGE KD520)
  • EORI Number GB591551821000
  • Opening hours, 8am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8 to 12 on Friday
  • Except for UK National Holidays.

28 September 2023

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Vat GB591551821 Company Number 02906480 – 1994
Dun and Bradstreet, Number (581590544)
NATO Code Number (NCAGE KD520)
EORI Number GB591551821000

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