Battery safe protection boxes, are designed to provide safety measures and mitigate the risks associated with battery storage and transportation. Available in two sizes and manufactured in impact resistant plastic.

Fire Containment: Battery system fire protection boxes are designed to contain and control fires that may occur within battery systems. They help prevent the spread of fires to surrounding areas, minimizing potential damage and risks to personnel.

Thermal Insulation: These boxes often feature insulation materials that can help reduce the transfer of heat. This insulation can limit the propagation of fires and reduce the risk of damage to nearby objects or structures.

Compliance with Regulations: Battery system fire protection boxes are typically designed and tested to meet specific safety standards and regulations. By using compliant products, you can ensure that your battery storage and transportation systems meets the necessary requirements and reduces potential liability.

Enhanced Safety Features: Depending on the specific product, fire protection boxes may include additional safety features such as fire suppression systems, temperature monitoring, or alarms. These features help provide early detection and effective response to fire incidents, improving overall safety.

Available in two models that can stack.

battery safe containers stacked

Battery Safe Protection Containers Features;

  • Battery system fire protection box Li-SAFE
  • Safe transport and storage system for lithium batteries
  • Special fire protection lining made of non-combustible materials
  • Pliable special pads prevent the batteries shifting inside the box (included)
  • Boxes are stackable and can be interconnected
  • Two sturdy latches
  • Two carrying handles for simple handling
  • Can be locked with a padlock (not included)
  • Made of durable, impact-resistant plastic
  • Includes hazardous goods label

Model 1 – Code, 11563

battery safe containers 11563

Battery system fire protection box Li-SAFE 2-S; External dimensions: 40 × 30 × 21.5 cm; Internal dimensions: 30 × 19 × 9 cm

Model 2 – Code, 11564

battery safe containers 11564

Battery system fire protection box Li-SAFE 3-S; External dimensions: 40 × 30 × 34 cm; Internal dimensions: 30 × 19 × 21.5 cm

The battery safe protection boxes come complete with insulating material, though we can also provide additional pads to take up unused space when transporting small batteries.

Model Pads – Code, 11565

battery safe containers pads

Special pads for battery system fire protection box.

Table for packaging and transportation of lithium-ion batteries.

battery status table

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