Various flood barriers are available that can be quickly deployed and removed once the threat has gone. Flood defences are suitable for homes and businesses, and some options are shown below.

Flood stop Barrier 0.5 m High

0 5m flood barrier

The 0.5 m high Flood stop barrier provides a proven and effective flood prevention method. The barrier can be assembled to any length and be arranged to suit any direction and opening. The system can be rapidly deployed by one person.

How does the flood stop barrier work

Flood barriers available from Merlin Industrial

When in use, the majority of the modular units actually fill with the rising floodwaters, which combined with the weighted universal keys ensures the assembled flood barrier holds back floodwaters.

All units and keys incorporate hard-wearing gaskets to ensure sealing. For acute cornering or wall connection in a Flood stop assembly, a Multi-hub unit is simply used. The beauty of this patented flood prevention system is that no bolting to the ground is required.
It also means that when the floodwaters recede, the pods empty themselves and become light enough to be carried away.

They are also a much more cost-effective and reliable alternative to flood sandbags. In the above set-up a free board is required.

Flood insurance is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, and most home and business owners are aware that they must take responsibility in protecting their properties from the risk of flooding with flood defence barriers. Benefits of Floodstop include:

  • Rapidly deployable flood defence system
  • Can be assembled by one person
  • Not affected by strong winds when deployed
  • Highly flexible system
  • More cost-effective and versatile flood protection than sandbags
  • Self-balancing with no bolting required
  • Multi-hub connection unit allows easy connection to walls and cornering
  • Units nest into each other for easy storage
  • Recyclable and reusable.
  • Can be used as leverage to gain flood insurance.

Suitable terrain

  • Typical hard standings such as roads, pavements, pathways etc.
  • Grass or soil, depending on undulations.
  • Not recommended for use on gravel.
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Specifications – Any colour can be requested. The colours red and white are standard.

0.5 m high Modular Unit

  • 1-metre long self-filling or pre-filled flood barrier units
  • Standard modular unit dimensions: 1000 (L) x 500 (H) x 500 mm (D)
  • Modular Unit Weight: 10 kg

0.65 m high Modular Unit

  • 1.2-metre long self-filling or pre-filled flood barrier units
  • Standard modular unit dimensions: 1200 (L) x 650 (H) x 650 mm (D)
  • Modular Unit Weight: 18 kg

0.9 m high Modular Unit

  • 1-metre long self-filling or pre-filled flood barrier units
  • Standard modular unit dimensions: 1000 (L) x 900 (H) x 750 mm (D)
  • Modular Unit Weight: 10 kg

Flood Fence

flood fence around business

How does the flood fencer barrier work

Flood fences available from Merlin Industrial


  • Dimensions of Flood Fence unit: 0.45 m high x 1.0 m × 0.58 m. Connected length is 0.91 m.
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight of each Flood Fence unit: Approx 4 kg
  • Speed of Deployment: approx. 200 metres per hour
  • Storage: System stacks neatly. In storage, can fit approx. 38–40 units to a pallet.

Existing customers for Flood Fence include:

  • The Environment Agency,
  • BAE Systems PLC,
  • UK Councils
  • Fire Brigades in Europe and Asia.
  • Utility Companies in the USA.
  • Water Companies (e.g. Wessex Water)
  • Airport flood protection (e.g. Cambodia Airports)

.and many more.

To get a quotation and deployment plan showing how flood barriers could be arranged at your location, please contact us with the measurement(s) of the opening, delivery postcode and any photos you may have to hand.

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