Plastic drum trolleys for the manual handling of heavy drums. The drums pose significant challenges and risks, requiring effective solutions for a wide range of industries. Drum trolleys provide the technical advantages needed to address these concerns.

Single Plastic Drum Trolley

BT230 plastic drum trolley yellow

Impressive Load-bearing Capacity:  
One of the standout technical features of drum trolleys is their impressive load-bearing capacity. These trolleys can safely transport drums of various sizes and weights, including metal and plastic drums with different capacities.

Robust Mobility:  
Drum trolleys feature robust wheels or castors engineered to withstand heavy loads and ensure smooth and controlled movement. Their mobility extends to diverse surfaces, including uneven floors or ramps, allowing for easy transportation in various working environments.

Stability and Security Measures:  
Ensuring stability and security during drum transportation is crucial. Drum trolleys are equipped with specially designed clamps, straps, or locking mechanisms that securely hold drums in place during movement.

Adaptability and Special Features:  
Drum trolleys are available in various configurations, catering to different industry requirements. Some models even include special features such as tilting capabilities for easy pouring or emptying of drum contents.

Model BT230

230ltr Sump Capacity

BT230 plastic drum trolley blue


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A mobile dispensing drum trolley with a full size spill containment sump moulded in one piece from medium density polyethylene, ensures a lightweight operation with the added benefit of excellent chemical resistance. The unique design enables one person to easily operate the trolley, even with a full 205ltr drum on board.

  • Once the drum trolley has been loaded and lowered to the horizontal position, it can easily be pushed from the back, greatly reducing the risk of operator strain.
  • Note: This trolley is not for use with plastic drums.
  • You will require an appropriate size/capacity fork lift truck to offload this item from the delivery vehicle. Our standard delivery doesn’t include any offloading.
Model BT230
Size: L1600 x W740 x H640 mm
Number of containers: One 205 LTR drum
Sump capacity: 230 LTR
Colour: Blue or Yellow 
Tare weight: 42 kg
UDL:  300 kg
Pack Size: 3 or 6
Approval: DIBt Z-40.22-398

Single Drum Trolley - PDDH

PDDH plastic drum trolley

Designed for use with a 205ltr drum, this single drum trolley comes complete with a “two-handed” handle, which makes it far easier to manoeuvre than the more commonly available “stick” handle type.

  • To help make moving a heavy drum around easier, all four castors swivel, while two have “push on” brakes.
Model PDDH
Size: L725 x W725 x H255mm (990 mm to the top of the handle)
Sump capacity: 30ltr
No of containers 1 x 205ltr
Colour: Yellow
Weight: 15.5 kg
UDL: 300 kg
Pack Size: 5 or Flat Pack

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