Our new tables offering is a new, flexible approach to office design, new high tech conference tables. Sleek and stylish with clean cut lines and balanced proportions, Adapt boardroom tables provide modern executives with the distinctive impression of quality, precision & strength that makes a bold, visual statement in any boardroom

meeting tables arrow head legs

Arrow head leg tables

Simply designed to ensure core functionality, Arrow Head offers versatile tables in a variety of shapes and finishes to suit any boardroom or meeting setting. The Arrow Head leg design offers rigidity and strength with its clean cut lines and balanced proportions. Single tables can be used or several tables can be grouped together to achieve various room layouts.

Arrow Head may look like a standard table, but its distinctive design is anything but ordinary. They can adapt to any environment or workspace requirement with many sizes, shapes and details that let you tailor the look for formal or casual settings. Arrow head tables give you the area to perform, making it the perfect solution for all high level meetings to get the creative juices flowing.

 arrowhead boardroom table onsite

Adapt Meeting and Boardroom tables

Beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing, the Adapt boardroom table comprises a sturdy steel sub-frame and table tops which take on a floating appearance. Table legs can be shared, making it an aesthetically pleasing, cost effective and practical conference collection with plenty of options for meeting room and boardroom needs.

adapt meeting tables mixed layouts

The Adapt tables are available in White, Beech, Walnut and White with an Oak edge

adapt white meeting table

Fuze Modern Tables

Beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing, our Fuze boardroom tables present your company in the best possible way and make a bold visual statement in any office landscape. Fuze boardroom tables blend the best of European design with the highest workmanship standards to span a wide range of applications and support the most creative of workspaces.

fuze six person desking stationFuze exemplifies elegance, providing a sophisticated boardroom table design which is the perfect answer for a less corporate modern office. The simple, flexible design naturally assimilates to the task or application at hand and the solid oak legs are built to last. Fuze’s clean, functional lines and co-ordinated table top finish options offer everything you need to be inspired and productive.

Brescia Coffee and Meeting tables

As well as the standard meeting tables we also have matching coffee tables like the New Brescia range with different heights designed for meeting areas in a reception or in an office.

brescia meeting and coffee tables

Please provide enough information so that our reply to your message is as quick as possible. If you need to send a sketch or drawing use the email address. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The document below shows the complete range of meeting and boardroom tables available along with the finishes, prices and specifications.

Office Recycling Bins Shop

Office Recycling Bins Shop

Office Recycling Bins in plastic or recycled cardboard. Some plastic bins are manufactured from UK post-consumer plastic!

Big Bin Waste and Recycling Bins

160 litres.

Supplied in packs of 5.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.


Combin Cardboard Recycling Bins

Pack of 5 x 60 litre bins with 25 labels per pack.

Size: 70 x 40 x 28cm (HxDxW).

Lead time: 2 working days.


Confidential Office Cardboard Recycling Bins

Capacity: 60 Litres per bin.

Pack of 5 Bins.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.


Green Bin Cardboard Recycling Bin

Pack of 5 bins.

Each bin 60 litre capacity.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.


Office Twin Cardboard Recycling Bin

190 Litres.

Each bin 95 litre bins.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.


Toner and Inkjet Cartridge Cardboard Recycling Bin

60 litres.

Pack of 5 Bins.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.


uBin Classic Recycling Bin

70L Capacity - Comes with Sticker Set .

Size: 81 x 33 x 50cm (HxWxD).

Available in Grey.

Lead time: 2 working days.


uBin Mini Recycling Bin

50L Capacity - Comes with Sticker Set.

Available in Grey.

Size: 81 x 30.5 x 34cm (HxWxD).

Lead time: 2 working days.


uBin Classic Lid Inserts

6 different Lid Insert options to choose from.

Lead time: 2 working days.


Hands Free Pedal Bin 30 Litre

Size: 455 x 370 x 380mm (HxWxD).

Colours: Dark Grey, Red or Yellow.

Lead time: 5 working days.


Hands Free Pedal Bin 50 Litre

Size: 560 x 380 x 410mm (HxWxD).

Colours: Dark Grey, Red or Yellow.

Lead time: 5 working days.


Hands Free Pedal Bin 80 Litre

Size: 670 x 410 x 470mm (HxWxD).

Colours: Dark Grey, Red or Yellow.

Lead time: 5 working days.


Office Desktop Recycling Trays

Pack of 10 or 50 Trays.

Each tray can hold 500 sheets of paper.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.