We have a large range of site safety barriers. All with highly visible plastic bases that can be used on their own or, with either mesh panels or hoarding panels. Offering site security for construction, aviation, lane marking, security and a wide range of other uses.

RB2000 Site Safety Barriers

RB2000 Mesh and HoardingHeavy-duty road, track or site barrier can be water or ballast filled. The RB2000 system is 1 metre high, low level containment barrier suitable for highway or for site delineation.

The RB2000 can be weighted to 400 kg when water filled creating a solid flat walled secure system, yet can be unloaded / loaded and installed without the need for lifting machinery.

It’s patented 5 position interlocking system allows the barrier to flow around corners or uneven surfaces.

RB2000 with Vehicle Gate

Anti climb mesh or hoarding can be added for safety and security. Front or end stops can be added to prevent a trip hazard. Colour options available.

RB2000 Mesh and Hoarding


Wind Speed Test - 3 x RB2000 barriers filled to fill lines withstood wind speeds of up to 71 mph (ca. 114 km/h) without falling.


Length 2000 mm

Width 400 mm

Height 1000 mm


  • Infill Panels
  • Mesh Extensions
  • Front and Back end stops
  • Available with Vehicle and Pedestrian gates
  • Vehicle Gates 5 or 7 metre mesh
  • 4 metre Hoarding
  • Pedestrian Gates 1 metre mesh or hoarding

GB2 Site Barriers

GB2 barrier system with mesh panels on site

A robust, heavy duty and adaptable site barrier system suitable for low level containment. The system is fully interlocking and can be deployed easily by 2 people without the need for lifting machinery.
The GB2 has a 2-metre working length and a height of 0.9 m, its versatile design is ideal for highway or site delineation for pedestrian and vehicle safety.

GB2 site barriers being used

The pin locking device allows each barrier to achieve a 35 degree configuration to accommodate curves and angles.
Produced in UV stabilised prime polyethylene it’s suitable for all weather conditions, it's fully stackable for transport and storage and is compatible with our mesh and hoarding panels creating a 2-metre height system. Colour options available. Panel infill or extensions available.

GB2 barrier system with hoarding panels

GB2 Barrier with hoarding panels

  • Solid Hoarding steel profile panel
  • 2.25 MTR total height with barrier
  • Powder coat finish standard
  • Ensures limited site exposure to pedestrians for safety & security
  • 45mph (ca. 72 km/h) wind tested speed

GB2 Barrier with half mesh panel

  • Bottom half hoarding panel forms a solid wall with barrier of 1.5 MTR high
  • 2.25 metre overall height with barrier
  • Top half mesh panels increase better wind resistance on panel
  • Powder coat finish as standard
  • Ideal for limited exposure to pedestrians for safety, withstanding a high wind resistance

GB2 Accessories

  • Infill Panels Available
  • Added Height mesh extensions can be added
  • GB2 1 metre Pedestrian & 5 or 7 metre mesh Vehicle gates supplied to fit
  • GB2 1 metre Pedestrian & 4 metre vehicle Hoarding gates supplied to fit.

GB2 Safety Barriers Data Sheet

RB22 Crash tested site barriers

RB22 barriers at 45 degrees

The Highest Approved Plastic Barrier system on the UK Highways Approval List. Designed to offer maximum safety the RB22 is one of the quickest deploy-able barrier systems on the market and with up to 200 metres per load it offers savings on both labour and transport.

RB22 barrier components

The RB22 is a robust capable barrier system that on impact will bring an uncontrolled vehicle to a controlled stop.
Manufactured from prime UV stabilised polyethylene which provides a versatile yet strong flexible one-piece system for easy handling and instalment by your own work force or contractor with no need for crane lifting machinery for any given emergency set-up.

RB22 site barriers with mixed panels

As with all the barriers the RB22 system can have a wide range of panel added offering a 2000 mm high system.

Rota Block Mini Site Barrier system

rotoblock site safety barriers with mesh panels

The new water filled Rota Block Mini is designed to secure fence panels of up to 2 metres high and can accommodate various fence lengths.
The secure safety chain fastening provides stability and allows for easy adjustment where required. The Rota Block Mini can adapt to corners, angles and uneven ground with ease.

rotoblock mini with mesh panel

Its compact size makes it easy for transportation and handling.
Can be customised with company branding, colour option or reflective strip and deployed with ease (18 units to a pallet).

Key Features

  • Highest wind speed rated fence ballast barrier on the market (up to 73 mph (ca. 117 km/h))
  • Can be assembled by one person
  • Effective design for deployment, transport, and storage
  • Can fit smaller length panels if needed
  • Allows water run off under panels


  • Length 1000 mm
  • Height 400 mm
  • Depth 390 mm
  • Weight when full 105 kg

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