Machine guards protect visitors and workers from harm to the latest ISO 14120:2015 regulations. The guard panels are available in mesh, solid and clear perspex panels to suit most applications including robotic manufacturing centres.

Mesh panels for machine safety solutions

Your modern industrial processes are safe, when no one except authorized personnel has access to the company's machines. The mesh panels for machine guarding provide maximum personal and machine safety in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

Troax is a well-known name in machine guarding and machine security for the production industry in many parts of the world. The key is intelligent details, which can be combined with new and old modules in well-tested systems.

Flexible machine guarding

machine guarding for conveyors and robots

The new Rapid Fix system is proof of this. Rapid Fix has brackets which lock the mesh panels in place without any tools. You can quickly and easily create a unique, flexible machine guarding system which allows quick access for machine maintenance. The system can easily be combined with our Smart Fix system, which has threaded brackets.

Both systems are based on the same sturdy mesh panels. These flexible modules allow you to install a door into the machine guarding system, simply by adding hinges and a lock to an existing mesh panel. When you move a machine, the guarding system moves with it, easily.

Proven strength

Step by step, they are developing the foundation of their systems – the mesh panels. Theoretical calculations are tested in their own labs. The panels are tested using energy up to 2,000 joules, which is a very respectable power level (feel free to compare this with other manufacturers' panels). If an accident were to happen, you should know that the panels are strong enough to keep both people and machinery safe. Every single weld can withstand a heavy blow and that makes all the difference.

Comply with the Machinery Directive

machine guarding warehouse
Troax's machine guarding and machine safety products meet all the requirements set in the European Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC - requirements which your installation should meet today as well as a few years down the line when you have supplemented or extended your machine guarding system with new mesh panels, doors and locks.

The machine guarding components

Steel mesh panels and posts are tested along with the bracket systems and certified to withstand impacts from 309 joules up to 2,000 joules. They are made of high quality steel using an automated production process, which ensures a high and consistent product quality.
Steel mesh panels.

Heights of panels

The machine guarding panels have a classic look and a mesh size of 20×100. The frame comes in two widths: ST20 is 19×19 mm and ST30 is 30×20 mm.
Polycarbonate panels.

Transparent ST PC polycarbonate panels offer good overview of the production line and protect against particles and fluids from the production process.
Sheet metal panels.

With URSP sheet metal panels, you can create fully covered cells suitable for activities such as welding.

The standard 60×40 mm post comes in three heights: 1,400 mm, 2,200 mm and 3,000 mm. The welded base results in a stable and robust construction. There is also a larger 80×80 mm post, suitable for rough environments where there is a greater risk of collision or impact with objects.

Different panels for machine guarding

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