Catering Flooring and matting is specifically designed for the hazards and hygiene around the kitchens, bars and associated areas. Merlin can offer anti-slip, anti-fatigue and antibacterial mats that are easily cleaned and easily lifted when required.

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Rubber floor matting is increasingly used in the food and catering industries to enhance worker comfort and create a safe working environment. Our range contains a selection of products specifically designed for the particular demands of this market.

Anti-fatigue matting is especially important in the food industry, where labour-intensive tasks often require long periods of standing on hard floor surfaces. Resilient nitrile rubber products are available for areas where fat and grease may be present. Anti-slip precautions are also vital in this sector, especially in areas where floors are often wet or greasy. Duckboard systems allow dropped food to fall through and minimise slip hazards. Footwear cleaning and sanitisation is another key factor in food areas, to prevent spread of bacteria and contamination.

Sanibrush Rubber Mats

sanibrush hygiene mats

Sanibrush rubber mats are an ideal solution for keeping areas clean and germ free.  The 14 mm high ramped edges provide a reservoir for disinfectant, while the hundreds of rubber bristles agitate and scrub, to completely clean and sanitise the footwear passing over it. Ideal for use in agricultural and food processing areas.

 sanibrush hygiene close up


  • Ideal for use at entrances to food processing areas
  • Ramped edges retain applied disinfectant solution
  • Raised nibs compress under foot traffic, bringing footwear into contact with disinfectant and providing automatic scrubbing action
  • Overall height 14 mm
Product Code Size Colour
CLS36RBM 5 cm X 91 cm Red
WD60B 5 cm X 91 cm Yellow

Ultraflow Catering mats

ultraflow catering rubber mats

The Ultraflow is a free-draining anti-fatigue mat, with a durable anti-slip surface.  Made from 100% nitrile rubber, this mat can withstand oil and grease, making it ideal for use in kitchens, bars and food preparation areas.

ultraflow catering rubber mats close up


  • Free-draining anti-fatigue rubber mat
  • Made from grease-resistant 100% nitrile rubber
  • Durable anti-slip surface texture
  • Ideal for kitchens, bars and food preparation areas
  • Overall height 7 mm
Product Code Size Colour
WZ310RD 91 cm X 297 cm Red
WZ320RD 91 cm X 594 cm Red

Cushion Link Open-top Mats

cushion link open top mats in a kitchen area

Cushion Link Open Top is a modular anti-fatigue matting system made with a resilient rubber compound and a connectable support design that offers outstanding fatigue relief. All Cushion Link mats have a male/female interlocking system and are available with connecting ramp edges for easy on-site custom configurations and trip-resistant formats. Large holes provide excellent drainage and aeration, leaving a dry, clean work area. The mats are available in 5 different options, including an antimicrobial grease resistant option (red only)that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.

cushion link open top mat close up


  • Superb ergonomic comfort and safety in heavy-duty dry or wet industrial applications, including food areas
  • Mats can be interlocked and edged using the simple bevel system to create any mat size and shape
  • Open-top allows liquids to drain away, leaving a safe work surface
  • Compatible with Cushion Link Solid Top system
  • Manufactured from high quality resilient rubber compounds, resistant to extreme temperatures and most chemicals
  • Overall height 19 mm

Available in 5 types as listed

  • General Purpose - General purpose rubber compound.
  • 75% Nitrile Rubber - Red mat for food industry, grease resistant rubber.
  • 100% Nitrile Rubber - Resistant to most industrial oils.
  • 100% Nitrile Rubber FR - Resistant to most industrial oils, fire retardant, suitable for welding areas.
  • 100% Nitrile Rubber FR Abrasive Coating - Resistant to most industrial oils, fire retardant, suitable for welding areas. Abrasive coating for extremely slippery areas (slip resistant R13 according to DIN51130).
Product Code Size Colour
CLO36NFRA 91 cm X 91 cm Black
CLO36NR 91 cm X 91 cm Red
CLS36BBM 5 cm X 91 cm Black
CLS36RBM 5 cm X 91 cm Red
CLS36YBM 5 cm X 91 cm Yellow


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