Introducing premium elastic rubber with a lasting bond that delivers numerous advantages and exceptional qualities. Crafted from high-quality (65 Shore A) elastic rubber, renowned for its superior shock absorbency, this material provides dual protection for both floors and loads. Popularly known as Speed rubber wheels, these components offer unparalleled performance and durability.

Low rolling resistance and quiet operation. Sealed, high-quality ball bearings suitable for manual or mechanical operation.

WCR Rubber on Cast Iron Centre

WCR rubber tyre on cast iron centre wheel


  • Manufactured with double ball bearings
  • Diameter 100 to 400 mm
  • Weight Capacity (Per Wheel) 160 to 1050 kg
  • Temperature Range -20 to +60 Centigrade

Download the Brochure here for more specifications and product codes.

WCU Rubber on Cast Iron Centre PAH Free

rubber on cast iron wheels



  • Manufactured with double ball bearings
  • Diameter 150 to 300 mm
  • Weight Capacity (Per Wheel) 400 to 850 kg (at 4 kph)
  • Weight Capacity (Per Wheel) 140 to 300 kg (at 20 kph)
  • Temperature Range -20 to +60 Centigrade

Speed Rubber Wheels are specialist wheels designed to be used between 4 and 20 KPH

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High quality elastic rubber with a permanent bond offers the user many benefits and outstanding qualities. High quality elastic rubber 65 Shore A, for greater shock absorbency, protects both floors and loads at the same time. Also called Speed rubber wheels.


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