Silicone heaters are an excellent choice for heating stainless steel elements, especially in applications such as catering. These heaters provide a convenient solution for creating a heated surface by simply mounting them underneath the desired element.

Some key points to highlight:

  1. Versatility: Silicone heaters are suitable for a wide range of applications, including stainless steel elements that require heat.
  2. Efficiency: By using silicone heaters, you can efficiently and evenly distribute heat across the surface of the element.
  3. Easy installation: Mounting a silicone heater under the desired element is a straightforward process, making it convenient for catering or other heating needs.
  4. Safety: Silicone heaters are designed to provide safe and reliable heating without compromising the integrity of the stainless steel element.
  5. Cost-effective: These heaters offer an economical solution for achieving the desired heating effect.

Overall, silicone heaters are a reliable and efficient choice for heating stainless steel elements, particularly in situations where a heated surface is required, such as in catering applications.

Silicone heating mats are available with adjustable temperature control or bi-metal for fixed temperature, which both creates an evenly distributed temperature.

silicone stainless tube heater

The silicone Heating blankets are water-resistant and made of heating wires embedded in silicone rubber, thickness 3 mm. Ideal for surface warming due to greater flexibility.

We supply silicone mats to order. These silicone mats can be supplied with an adjustable thermostat or with overheating protection (bi-metal). 

For our standard Silicone heating blankets, visit this page.

Technical specifications:

  • Can be set to vary heat concentrations to optimize distribution
  • Minimum heat dispersion in case of external application on the object to be heated
  • Can be moulded
  • Easy to assemble

silicone heater around stainless steel pipe

Silicone heaters are amongst others used in:

  • Catering industry.
  • Battery warming.
  • Environmental control.
  • Hospitals.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Electronics and 3D printing.
  • Composite repair of aircraft.
  • Laboratory equipment.
  • Satellite dishes.
  • Snow melting.
  • Anti-condensation.


Max. width 600 mm
Max. length 2800 mm
Thickness 0,7 to 3.0 mm
Max. surface temperature 200° C (short 230° C)
Min. exposure temperature - 60° C
Max. temperature of heated part 180° C
Voltage 12-400 V
Effect op to 2,0 W/cm2
Tolerance, dimension +/- 2 mm
Tolerance, electrical +/- 7.5%
Dielectric Strength 1500 V

silicone heater pad

silicone heater with straps for a cylinder

Please let Merlin Industrial know what you need to heat and supply any drawings or pictures to help us design a custom silicone heating blanket, tailored to your requirements.

As well as these custom heating blankets, we have standard heaters for drums, cylinders and various other items.

Standard Heating Blankets online store

Industrial Heating blankets are used in many industries, industrial heating blankets are perfect for ground thawing, curing of materials like composite, repairing of wind rotor blades, altering the viscosity of liquids and for production in both the marine and the aerospace industry and for areas exposed to the elements that may not function below a certain temperature. Digital and Analogue controllers allow the temperature to be set and left to operate independently.

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