We supply one of the widest ranges of pallet trucks in the UK and the 2500 kg capacity models are becoming more and more popular for moving the larger euro pallets around warehouses and production areas. Available in several models as shown below.

Pallet Trucks 2500Kg Capacity 400

Model GN1045 Shown above

Fork width: 160mm
Raised height of forks: 200mm
Lowered height of forks: 85mm
Weight capacity 2500 kg UDL

Mobile on 200mm nylon steering wheels & 85mm nylon front rollers (picture shows tandem front rollers which are available upon request)
3 position trigger (lift, lower & neutral) with a comfortable rubber gripped handle

Model Fork Length mm Width over Forks mm
GN0645 600 450
GN1045 1000 450


WARRIOR MAX CBG2500 Hand Pallet Truck

cbg2500 pallet trucks

2500 kg
6 sizes
230° steering arc
Longlife tandem nylon or polyurethane rollers
Longlife nylon or alu-rubber steer wheels
3 position trigger
Full bushing in key areas
Greasing points
Overload/pressure relief valve
Exit/entry rollers

1000 mm × 520 mm CBG25S100
1150 mm × 520 mm CBG25S115
1220 mm × 520 mm CBG25S122
1000 mm × 685 mm CBG25L100
1150 mm × 685 mm CBG25L115
1220 mm × 685 mm CBG25L122


MA25 Pallet Trucks

MA25 75 Low Profile Pallet Truck

Printer's (short) pallet trucks are ideal for use with half size pallets, such as those typical in the printing industry. Available in three different standard fork sizes as standard, other forks lengths and widths are available to order.
We hold in stock printers pallet trucks with forks:

450 x 900mm and
450 x 1000mm

These are the most popular Printers pallet trucks fork sizes and are almost always in stock.

We also stock other printers pallet trucks with forks 400 x 800, 430 x 600 and 800, 450 x 600, 650, 700, 800, 1150 and 1220 and 470 x 600, 800, 900 and 1000.

We can of course make special printers pallet trucks to your requirements.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 2500 kg
Length of Forks:
900 or 1000 mm
Width over Forks:
450 mm
Approx. Weight: 65 kg
Nylon steer wheels and single nylon load rollers are standard; other wheels are also available.

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