Longspan shelving is one of the most popular storage systems due to its versatility in storing all different sizes and weights. Available quickly from stock, you can be assured that any shelving system you get from Merlin will last many years and should you wish to expand in the future the components will still be available. 

Typically, delivered with 5 working Days!

The longspan shelving system consists of two simple components the Frame and the Shelf and apart from the optional bolt down feet requires no fixings

  • Larger profile upright (60 mm x 50 mm) featuring a twin slot pattern for an easier build and increased adjustability – as well as a more traditional Longspan look.
  • Stepped ‘Z’ Beams which accept 18 mm chipboard, solid steel panels or wire mesh decks as standard – all options held in stock.
  • Improved Deck supports for greater strength.
  • New Heights which now go up to 4016 mm.
  • New beam size of 2754 mm.

The full range of available sizes are as follows:

Frame Heights mm: 1984, 2492, 3000, 3508 and 4016 mm

Bay Widths mm: 1229, 1534, 1839, 2144, 2449 and 2754 mm

Bay Depths mm: 471, 624, 776, 928 and 1233 mm


Longspan Full Chipboard, Solid Steel and Mesh

The longspan shelving has been developed to sit perfectly within our range and to take advantage of our 3 great decking options :

  • Chipboard Decking
  • Solid Steel Panels
  • Wire Mesh Decking

So, what are the new highlights?

  • New Twin Slot upright to ease build and adjustability
  • New larger upright profile – 60 mm x 50 mm
  • New range of upright sizes – from 1984 up to a new 4016 mm high, giving a great range of heights to work with
  • Great range of beam lengths available – including the brand new, 2754 mm long beam
  • Improved decking supports to give even more strength
  • Improved manufacturing – Brand-new rolling line giving a fantastic finish

Longspan Cross Section Beam 1

Close-up of the beam system with lip to take various shelf panels.

Longspan Close Up Deck Supports

Close-up of the deck supports

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