Adjustable Shelving for Document Boxes covers a wide range of products, ranging from budget bolt together to clip together shelving.  Adjustable shelving also comes in wide or long spans and various strengths, with the heavier duty shelving becoming more expensive.

This article is designed to give you enough information so that you can narrow down the search for the right shelving system for your requirements. We also have the latest prices and shelving products on our new online shop shown below.

Archive Shelving

Archive shelving is a standard clip together shelving system designed to hold many document boxes, or we have another range designed to hold lever arch files.  The archive shelving is easy to put together and comes complete with the cardboard archive boxes and is excellent for the long-term storage of accounts and paperwork not required regularly.

Standard Shelving

Standard adjustable shelving

Standard shelving system, Quickly and easily assembled, requiring only a rubber mallet, this range of products offers fast and economic solutions to everyday storage problems.
Available in a range of robust colourful finishes, or with galvanised uprights and beams, these units are at home in any environment.

With 18 mm FSC certified sustainable chipboard shelves as standard and a wide range of depths and widths, the Standard Range offers flexible and cost-effective storage solutions.
Supplied as ready to build units, shelving bays are available with optional extra shelf levels for adaptability or can be designed to your specific needs.

Installation service is also available if required for the Mainland UK.

Euro Shelving (Stormor)

Euro shelving with two bays

Euro shelving with two bays

Euro shelving clad on the sides and back

Euro shelving clad on the sides and back

Euro shelving system or Stormor. Wherever there’s a need for storage, there’s a job for Stormor Euro Shelving.
From stand-alone single units to multi-level storage bays, Stormor Euro Shelving is the single, simple-to-use, versatile solution.
Modular in design for ease of assembly, Stormor Euro Shelving offers almost limitless scope for the creation of customised storage facilities; and a complementary range of accessories extends its capabilities still further.
Stormor Euro Shelving features unique shelf support clips that simply slot into place, giving firm support for even the heaviest loading requirements, yet allowing for quick and easy repositioning whenever required.

Standard shelves will support loads of up to 200 kg (440lbs) - and when even that’s not enough, there’s the option to specify heavy or extra heavy duty for the more demanding storage environment.

Longspan Shelving System

Longspan or Widespan shelving system

Longspan or Wide span shelving system

Longspan or Wide span shelving has numerous uses and is essential if you are storing large items that physically would not fit on our standard shelving. You’ll find Longspan at work almost everywhere. In business, industry and the public sector, there’s no end to the applications for one of the world’s most adaptable shelving systems.
From simple stand-alone shelf units to automated order-picking installations, Longspan shelving provides the same reliability, quality and performance. Automotive components, library books, stationery, museum artefacts, even geological samples - these and hundreds of other items are safely stored away in shelving schemes constructed from longspan.
Use Longspan as a space saver, maximising height in narrow-aisle storage installations; use it with mobile shelving schemes for high-density storage where space is at a premium; use it in shops and offices, schools and hospitals; use it anywhere and everywhere there’s a need for efficient, hard-wearing storage.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving system

Mobile shelving system

Mobile shelving is the best choice where storage space is restricted as normal shelving requires access aisles for each run, mobile shelving only needs the one.

Technical Specification

  • Shelf depths 300 mm, 370 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm
  • Mobile bases are available as back-to-back only.
  • Static bases are available as singles only.
  • Shelf height 1850 mm or 2150 mm high Stormor shelving (Duo or Mono only)
  • Mobile base depth 1000 mm
  • Floor module dimensions 750 mm, 900 or 1200 mm wide by 1000 mm deep
  • Maximum weight loading 3000 kg per mobile base, 500 kg per bay based on Uniformly Distributed Load

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is not strictly a shelving system, as the picture above shows.  Pallet racking by definition requires a pallet to work and either a stacker or forklift truck to load and unload.

Racking systems use the parallel bars to support the pallets and can have dropped over panels in either wood or steel, allowing them to be used as shelving. A standard upright, as shown above, will support over 12,000 kg and there are heavy-duty versions that increase this by a large margin.

Pallet racking is the ultimate storage system as it can be designed for narrow aisle forklifts and offers a more dense storage system, Drive-in racking with First in, last out  FILO also dynamic and with some customers, a mezzanine platform can be added to the top of the racking.

Professional pallet racking system

The professional pallet racking system

We at Merlin have access to experienced storage engineers who can help select the most cost-effective storage solution for you based on your current and future needs, as well as your budget.

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