Our professional Light Boxes and Tables offer a wide range of sizes to suit most applications.  Designed to effectively illuminate and review art, drawings etc. with professional colour corrected lighting to at least 5000k and tables up to 2 metres, we are sure we have a solution for you.

Beambox Industrial Light Box

a2 size white beambox


The light weight welded aluminium case offers portability to the smaller light boxes, which can be fitted with a carry handle if required. The flush fitting screen and simple lines give the Beambox a refined, stylish look.

  • Screen Size:A0,A1, A2, A3 and A4
  • LED Power
  • Light-emitting devils packing a serious punch
  • Modern LED bulbs are now capable of outperforming florescent tubes in all respects. The Beam Box is our first light box to take advantage of the benefits, bringing them together in a refined, modern design.


Priory adjustable desk top light table

Priory light box table

The Priory Altina comprises an Altina light box fitted to a Priory desk top frame. The fully welded steel Priory frame allows the light box to be positioned at thirteen different working angles. The unit also features a retaining catch to hold the frame closed during transport.

altina light box

Screen Size:A1 - 904W 605D A2 - 605W 459D A3 - 459W 305D A4 - 305W 234D Screen Type:Glass / Acrylic Weight:A1 - 15Kg A2 - 10Kg A3 - 6Kg A4 - 4Kg Tube Colour:5000K Power Supply:230V Mains


Denby Light Table

denby A0 light table

The Denby Altina light table comprises an Altina light box complete with a parallel motion, fitted to a Denby twin column stand. A0 light tables are only available with a glass screen, A1’s being available in either glass or acrylic.

denby altina light table

Screen Size:A0 - 1226W 904D A1 - 904W 605D Weight:A0 - 78Kg A1 - 56Kg Tube Colour:5000K Power Supply:230V Mains Screen Type:Glass / Acrylic Parallel Motion:Engineers Adjustment:Height / Angle


Ackworth A-Frame industrial light table

ackworth beam tec table

The Ackworth Altina light table is a light box complete with a parallel motion, fitted to an A-Frame Ackworth stand.

Screen Size:A1 – 904W 605DA2 – 605W 459D Screen Type:Acrylic / Glass Weight:A1 – 19Kg A2 – 14KgTube Colour:5000K Power Supply:230V Mains Adjustment: Height / Angle


Orchard Professional Light Table

Orchard 2A0 BeamTable

The Orchard Light Table incorporates an Altina light box and a fixed leg table frame. As light tables are always made to order, exact table height and leg configuration may be specified to best suit your requirements.

Image shows the 2A0 model now supplied with LED Lighting Also available in A1 and A0

Now using LED lights with a colour of, 5500k


Wafer Light Boxes

wafer thin lightbox

At only 1 cm thick, the ultraportable Wafer light panel combines style with practical feature.

Available in A4 or A3

Work in the way that suits you

With its non-slip feet and solid acrylic screen, the Wafer is ideal for anything from tracing designs to viewing slides. The screen is calibrated in centimetres to the left and top and features a fully dimmable backlight.


Customized and industrial illuminated tables

window light table


Over the years, we have designed and manufactured a wide range of bespoke light tables to meet specific customer requirements. Some of our standard drawing boards and drafting tables may be modified to include a light box. These include a seamless acrylic work surface and offer all the benefits of the original drawing table but with rear illumination for extra clarity.

Our design team will work closely with you to ensure that the end product meets specification. If you would like to discuss all the available options, please contact us.

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Supplied to creative people and all industry sectors worldwide. Rear lit drawing boards for highly detailed technical drawing, engineering or artistic design work. The BeamTec range of adjustable light boxes fitted with professional parallel motions.


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