Bins and accessories designed for toilets that include nappy and sanitary towel disposal along with clever air fresheners that also protect against bacteria in washrooms.

range of bins for toilets

SaniBin Feminine Hygiene Waste Disposal

The Sanibin Feminine Sanitary Bin has a modern and discreet design which allows it to be fitted into any washroom. Its lateral opening increases the usable capacity, dramatically reducing the likelihood of waste blockage internally.
Sanibin has a gloss finish which is resistant to regular cleaning and wear and tear or loss of brightness;
it also has a smooth surface which facilitates effortless cleaning.

sanibins in white and grey


  • Available in white and grey
  • Pedal on hand operated options available
  • Safety lid mechanism that prevents the lid to come off in the event of falling over
  • Can be customised with screen-printing on the lid and comes complete with a user guide
  • Carrying handle which allows 4 bins to be carried at one time
  • Narrow design that enables the bin to fit into any washroom
  • Modern elliptical design
  • Liner hidden internally by fixing clips

Specifications Pedal or Hand operated
Height 545 mm
Width 160 mm
Depth Pedal - 515 mm Hand Operated 490 mm
Capacity 20.5 litres
Weight Empty 2.5 kg
Liners 510 x 660 x 40 mm
Material Polypropylene body and lid

MediBin Sanitary and Nappy Disposal Bin

Medibin is a sanitary bin designed exclusively for nappy disposal with a discretion flap, making it suitable for modern washrooms.
Designed to provide a safe and durable solution, Medibin is available in either grey or white, you can choose a colour to best suit your washroom.

medibins in grey


  • Available in two sizes: 50 Litre and 70 Litre
  • Available in grey or white
  • Safe and durable solution
  • Waste hidden using a discretion flap
  • Optional customisation available
  • Lid secures firmly in place, avoiding it being opened accidentally

medibins in white

Material Medium Density Polyethylene

MediBin 50 Litres
Height 670 mm
Width 415 mm
Depth 415 mm
Capacity 50 litres
Weight 6.1 kg

MediBin 70 Litres
Height 825 mm
Width 415 mm
Depth 415 mm
Capacity 70 litres
Weight 6.7 kg

MaxiBin - Maximum disposal for busy washrooms

Maxibin is part of the feminine sanitary bin range, designed to be high capacity and elegant, making it an excellent choice for managing busier washrooms.

The Maxibin boasts a 28 litres of volume, enabling customers to extend more time between services, thus reducing costs and maximising efficiency.

Moulded in durable polypropylene and ABS plastic the Maxibin comes with a discretion flap to conceal the bin’s contents. The Maxibin is finished in gloss and is resistant to repetitive cleaning with no wear and tear or loss of brightness;
it also has smooth surfaces which facilitates effortless cleaning.
The Maxibin is available in white and grey and can be used with or without liners. The Maxibin can be customised to include a user guide and corporate logos.

Please note that there is a Minimum quantity order.

MaxiBin washroom waste bins


Height: 545 mm
Width: 160 mm
Depth: 490 mm (Hand operated)
Depth: 515 mm (Pedal operated)
Weight: 700g

Puresan Air Freshener and Bacterial agent

Puresan toilet freshener
The Puresan cleaner and deodoriser system is an automatic programmable dispenser – an excellent solution to keep toilets and urinals hygienic 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Puresan is easily programmed for any application and comes with a wide selection of 310ml refills – concentrated formulations, cleaners and deodorisers which eliminate washroom odours.


Smooth surface to reduce dust build-up
Transparent window to protect branding area
Wires hidden to stop tampering
Keyed or un-keyed lock
Graphic area to allow units to be customised with company logo
Standard finishes: white, silver and chrome
Programmable dispensers:

Spray frequency programming:

30 days service program sprays every 6.5 minutes
60 days service program sprays every 13 minute

LEDs operation:

Normal use: Green LED flashes once every 1.5 seconds.
Battery warning: Red LED lashes once every 1.5 seconds when battery has 2 month life remaining.
Refill replacement: Green LED flashes once every 3 seconds when refill is empty.

What problems can Puresan solve?

Bad odours as a result of urine deposits & organic material in pipes
Dirt and stains in toilets and urinal porcelain
Infection from sprinkled water
Inhibits the growth of bacteria and the build-up of lime scale formation in porcelain, pipes and pipelines.
Costs associated with additional cleaning products
Reduction in the number of manual cleaning/servicing calls
13 non-hazardous fragrances available in our Puresan dispenser.

Puresan Brochure Download



Bins and Waste Receptacles Shop

Bins and Waste Receptacles Shop

A great range of bins for recycling and waste management, including Cigarette, Office, Recycling Office, Outdoor and Warehouse Sorting Sacks. Our infamous Combin and uBin recycling units are manufactured from 100% recycled material.

Battery Pod Recycling Bin 10 Litres

Capacity: 10 Litres.

Size: 249 x 276mm (HxD).

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Battery Pod Recycling Bin 18 Litres

Capacity: 18 Litres.

Size: 395 x 376mm (HxD).

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Battery Pod Recycling Bin 30 Litres

Capacity: 30 Litres.

Size: 603 x 276mm (HxD).

Lead time: 3 weeks.


Battery Recycling Bin 50 Litres

Capacity: 50 Litres.

Size: 936 x 430mm.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.


Big Bin Waste and Recycling Bins

160 litres.

Supplied in packs of 5.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.


Calf MiniBuddy Litter Bin

60 Litres.

Size: 808 x 522/376mm (HxD).

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Classic Black Litter Bin

105 Litres.

Plastic Liner and Gold Banding both included.

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Combin Cardboard Recycling Bins

Pack of 5 x 60 litre bins with 25 labels per pack.

Size: 70 x 40 x 28cm (HxDxW).

Lead time: 2 working days.


Confidential Office Cardboard Recycling Bins

Capacity: 60 Litres per bin.

Pack of 5 Bins.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.


Delta Pyramid Ash Tower

16 Litres.

Size: 985 x 186 x 200mm (HxDxW).

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Delta Triangle Ash Tower

5.2 Litres

Size: 982 x 196 x 200mm (HxDxW).

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Delta Wall Mounted Ashtray

Size: 350 x 285 x 85mm (HxWxD).

Fully fire retardant.

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Dolphin Buddy Litter Bin

55 Litres.

Size: 825 x 530mm (HxD).

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Frog Buddy Litter Bin

75 Litres.

Size: 850 x 515mm (HxD).

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Green Bin Cardboard Recycling Bin

Pack of 5 bins.

Each bin 60 litre capacity.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.


Harriet Hippo Litter Bin

70 Litres.

Colour: Orange.

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Henrietta Hippo Litter Bin

70 Litres.

Colour: Pink.

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Henry Hippo Litter Bin

70 Litres.

Colour: Blue.

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Heritage Round Hooded Litter Bin

100 Litres.

Plastic Liner, Gold Banding and Lock all included.

Lead time: 4 weeks.


Heritage Square Hooded Litter Bin

110 Litres.

Plastic Liner, Gold Banding and Lock all included.

Lead time: 4 weeks.


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