Rolls of labels and tapes for various purposes. Cordon of areas with non-adhesive tapes. Use self-adhesive labels for production and packaging. Various safety products to help you identify and announce risks.

Popular in packaging, warning labels can help carriers and goods receipt departments quickly understand the box contents and possibly isolate it from other areas.

pat test labels

Some rolls of tapes / labels can be written on. Such as the PAT testing label shown above.

Non-adhesive tapes can be supplied in different colours and lengths. The standard red on white barrier tape is stocked in 500 metres lengths.

red and white 500m tape

Retractable tapes can be used to quickly cordon off an area or to indicate routes, such as busy terminals.

retractable tapes on posts

Replace CHIP labels with correct GHS labels.

We supply labels that are compliant with the global harmonized system (GHS)


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Our most popular safety symbols are available on handy sheets, making them an economical alternative to buying individual signs. Easily peeled off the sheet.

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Choose from a range of warning or prohibition messages, these barrier tapes help cordon off restricted areas and identify/advise of potential dangers beyond

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