Square tube workbenches provide a simple design that, at its core, is four legs and a top. Our square tube range of benches has been extended to include a wide range of cupboards, drawers, and accessories such as louvre panels.

General workshop bench suitable for use in assembly, production and light engineering.

  • Height adjustable feet for easy levelling.
  • Powder coated light grey framework.
  • MFC, linoleum and laminate worktop options available.
  • Full range of accessories available including drawers, cupboards, shelves, louvre panels and service ducts.
  • Standard bench height: 840 mm – 760 mm and 920 mm also available. 
  • Delivered in knock-down form.
  • Quick Delivery 5 Working Days





Laminate Worktop 20 mm thick – Height 840 mm

Size . W.D Code
1205×905 BQ841290PLXX
905×605 BQ849060PLXX
1805×605 BQ841860PLXX
1505×605 BQ841560PLXX
1205×605 BQ841260PLXX
1805×755 BQ841875PLXX
1505×755 BQ841575PLXX
1205×755 BQ841275PLXX
1805×905 BQ841890PLXX
1505×905 BQ841590PLXX
Extension Bench
905×605 BQ849060PLET
1205×605 BQ841260PLET
1205×755 BQ841275PLET


Linoleum Worktop 20 mm thick Height 840 mm

Size W.D Code
1805×905 BQ8418908LX
1505×905 BQ8415908LXX
1205×905 BQ8412908LXX
1805×605 BQ8418608LXX
1505×605 BQ8415608LXX
1205×605 BQ8412608LXX
1805×755 BQ8418758LXX
1505×755 BQ8415758LXX
1205×755 BQ8412758LXX
Extension Bench
1205×605 BQ8412608LET
1205×755 BQ8412758LET
905×605 BQ8490608LET


MFC Worktop 18 mm thick all 840 mm high

Size H.W.D Code
1805×755 BQ841875GLXX
1505×755 BQ841575GLXX
1205×755 BQ841275GLXX
1805×905 BQ841890GLXX
1505×905 BQ841590GLXX
1205×905 BQ841290GLXX
1805×605 BQ841860GLXX
1505×605 BQ841560GLXX
Extension Bench
1205×755 BQ841275GLET
1205×605 BQ841260GLET


Accessories for Square Tube Workbenches

square tube workbench schematic

Some components and accessories available for this range of square tube benches.

square tube workbench accessories 

Additional Accessories

Size Description Code
1200 mm Fluorescent light BELF1200XLXX
  Flat Screen Support Arm BEMONARMFLSC


Drawer and Cupboard Options

Size H.W.D Description Code
435.420.420 Triple Drawer BEDR04043
435.420.420 Cupboard BECU04041
220.420.420 Single Drawer BEDR04021.


Light/Tool Rail Support

Size H.W.D Code
1200 mm BERS1200XLXX
1500 mm BERS1500XLXX
1800 mm BERS1800XLXX


Louvred Back Panel

Size H.W.D Description Code
480×1200 with pinboard BELO4812IXXX
480×1500 with pinboard BELO4815IXXX
480×1800 with pinboard BELO4818IXXX


Post Fitted Service Duct

Size H.W.D Code
1500 mm BESDSP15XXXX
1800 mm BESDSP18XXXX
1200 mm BESDSP12XXXX


Rear Support Posts

Size H.W.D Code
760 mm BESP760SXXXX
1180 mm BESP1180XXXX


Upper Shelf x 305 mm Deep

Size Description Code
1205 mm Upper Shelf Plastic Laminate BEUS1200PXXX
1505 mm Upper Shelf Plastic Laminate BEUS1500PXXX
1805 mm Upper Shelf Plastic Laminate BEUS1800PXXX
1205 mm Upper Shelf MFC BEUS1200GXXX
1505 mm Upper Shelf MFC BEUS1500GXXX
1805 mm Upper Shelf MFC BEUS1800GXXX
1205 mm Upper Shelf Linoleum BEUS12008XXX
1505 mm Upper shelf Linoleum BEUS15008XXX
1805 mm Upper Shelf Linoleum BEUS18008XXX


Worktop Service Duct

Size H.W.D Code
1500 mm BESDWT15XXXX
1800 mm BESDWT18XXXX
1200 mm BESDWT122XXX

Prices shown from 2023 catalogue


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Workbenches perfect for assembly of small components, especially for the electronics and packing industries. They’re also very popular at manufacturing sites as well as workshops, garages, and yards. There are a number of sizes available and choice of worktops, which include Grey Laminate, ESD (Antistatic), Stainless Steel, Steel, Solid Wood, MDF and Black Rubber over Steel. Also, available as Mobile units and workbenches with storage underneath as well. The uniformly distributed load (UDL) is up to 500 kg for each workbench. The standard height is 840 mm, 865 mm or 915 mm. We also have some great packing benches available in two different styles, which are complete with lower bubble wrap dispenser and upper paper roll dispenser.

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