Sack trucks are a standard means of material handling that have been around for over a hundred years and have not changed much apart from new materials like aluminium and folding mechanisms that help make transportation easier. 

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Sack trucks vary in the amount that they can move along with the size and shape of the toe, the plate that carries the load. Lightweight aluminium sack trucks carry a lot less than a fully welded steel model.

Sack Trucks Category

Consider the operators when choosing the correct model. If a truck can carry 500 kg, the operator may be unable to use it.

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Sack Trucks with Folding Toe Plate

Folding sack tuck

This sack truck model has a lightweight aluminium framed sack truck with folding toe and wheels.

When folded, the sack truck is compact and easy to carry. The handle is telescopic, meaning that it folds down for easy storage.

The wheels fold flat when the toe plate is folded up, meaning it would fit in the boot of any car or store easily on a shelf or beneath a table.

  • Unfold in seconds
  • Lightweight, simple to use & easy to carry
  • All units are of Aluminium construction
  • These units can be stored or transported in confined spaces, making them ideal for deliveries

GI033Y 1 super compact truck


  • Model GI033
  • Super Compact Size, W × D × H: 1000 × 490 × 450 mm.
  • Size when folded, H × W × D: 700 × 490 × 60 mm.
  • Toe Plate Size W × D: 490 × 270 mm.
  • Wheels: 2 × 180 mm.
  • Load Capacity: 100 kg.

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