Heavy duty fabricated shipping container castor wheels, specifically designed for moving ISO containers quickly, easily and safely. Available in sets of four castors to handle loads of up to 28,000 kg.

ISO Container Movers

container mover castors on site

Using castors on ISO containers, which are standardized shipping containers used for transporting goods, can offer several advantages in various scenarios:

1. Mobility and Manoeuvrability: castors provide ISO containers with the ability to be easily moved and manoeuvred, even in tight spaces. This is especially valuable in locations where space is limited, and it may be challenging to position containers using traditional methods like forklifts or cranes.

2. Quick and Flexible Container Placement: castors allow for quick and flexible placement of containers. This is particularly useful in situations where containers need to be rearranged frequently, such as at distribution centres, storage facilities, or construction sites.

3. Reduced Equipment Dependency: Using castors reduces the dependency on heavy equipment like forklifts or cranes, which can be costly to operate and maintain. This can result in cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

4. Time Savings: castors can significantly reduce the time required to move and position containers. This can lead to faster loading and unloading processes, reducing overall lead times and increasing productivity.

5. Enhanced Safety: castors are often equipped with locking mechanisms, which can improve safety by securing containers in place during transit or when stationary. This reduces the risk of containers shifting or rolling unintentionally.

6. Customization: castors come in various sizes, materials, and designs, allowing for customization based on specific needs. This flexibility ensures that the castors can handle different container sizes and weights.

7. Ease of Maintenance: castors are relatively easy to maintain and replace when necessary. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs compared to more complex heavy equipment.

8. Temporary Storage and Display: castors enable ISO containers to be used for temporary storage or display purposes, such as pop-up shops, exhibitions, or mobile offices. This versatility expands the potential applications of ISO containers beyond traditional cargo transport.

9. Efficient Use of Space: castors can be used to create compact storage solutions by stacking containers and easily repositioning them as needed. This can maximize the use of available space, particularly in areas with limited square footage.

10. Reduced Ground Damage: castors distribute the weight of the container more evenly, reducing the impact on the ground surface. This can be beneficial in environments where ground damage needs to be minimized, such as on grass or sensitive flooring.

11. Environmental Benefits: castors can help reduce the need for excessive ground preparation, like building concrete pads or specialized docking areas. This can contribute to environmental conservation efforts by minimizing habitat disruption and resource use.

In summary, using castors on ISO containers enhances their mobility, versatility, and ease of use in various settings. These advantages can lead to improved efficiency, reduced operational costs, and increased flexibility in how containers are used and positioned.

Container castors useful options & features include:

  • Swivel castor fitted with directional locks
  • Available with ISO fitting
  • Wheel diameters 200, 254 mm to 305 mm
  • Load ranges from 12,000 kg per set up to 28,000 kg per set

Optional extras include towing frame and steering arm.

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