Budget light duty mobile safety steps manufactured from 19 mm tube instead of the 25 mm in our industrial ranges. Load capacity is 300 kg and these safety steps are designed for commercial use in retail and offices. Also, the popular Climb-it aluminium steps.


Lightweight Mobile Steps


KL3 3 tread light duty mobile steps

Climb-It Aluminium Warehouse Steps

climb it aluminium warehouse steps

Strong but lightweight aluminium and steel construction, with permanently fixed bracing for improved strength and durability.

  • Handrails on both sides for stability whilst climbing
  • Deep 80 mm serrated non-slip treads with ridge reinforcement and double riveting at each corner for maximum durability
  • Large ribbed channel section stiles, box section back legs and reinforced bottom tread for improved resistance to heavy usage
  • Hard wearing, non-slip feet for maximum grip on all floor surfaces
  • Wheels at the back of the unit make this range of steps easy to manoeuvre



No. Of


Platform Height Size
CWH04Z 4 1000 mm 510 x 1000 mm (WxD)
CWH05Z 5 1200 mm 530 x 1100 mm (WxD)
CWH06Z 6 1500 mm 550 x 1200 mm (WxD)
CWH08Z 8 2000 mm 600 x 1400 mm (WxD)
CWH10Z 10 2500 mm 660 x 1700 mm (WxD)
CWH12Z 12 3000 mm 700 x 1900 mm (WxD)

Lead Time: 1–2 weeks.

KL Lightweight Mobile Safety Step

KL Light Weight Range mobile steps

The lightweight range is the same design and specification as the KE-industrial range; however, it's manufactured from 19 mm tube instead of 25 mm.

A great option for use in stores, archives, warehouses, and office environments.

It comes with many colours, tread types and exit options to choose from.

  • Platform height between 500–1500 mm

  • Tread size 550 (w) x 200 (D) mm

  • Platform size 550 (w) x 400 (D) mm

It comes fully welded and ready to use right away.

Tread Type

KL Lightweight Mobile Safety Step come as standard with a Punched Metal tread.

However, both PVC Covered and Rubber Covered treads are also available at no additional cost.

Just let us know when ordering.

Dimensions: All have a Safe Working Load of 300 KG (Two Persons)



Platform Height


Overall Dimensions


Brake Type



500 mm

1500 – 2250 mm

1500 x 650 x 605 mm (HxWxL)

17 kg

Plunger Castors



750 mm

1750 – 2500 mm

1750 x 650 x 758 mm (HxWxL)

18 kg

Plunger Castors



1000 mm

2000 – 2750 mm

2000 x 650 x 911 mm (HxWxL)

28 kg

Plunger Castors



1250 mm

2250 – 3000 mm

2250 x 850 x 1178 mm (HxWxL)

34 kg

Central Brake



1500 mm

2500 – 3250 mm

2500 x 850 x 1332 mm (HxWxL)

39 kg

Central Brake

Prices include delivery to Zone 1 – England and Wales.

If delivery is to outside this area, please email in with the delivery postcode and we can raise a quotation for you.

Additional Information

Working Height – This is shown as a general guide between waist height and just above the shoulders of the average person, approximately 750 mm range.

Overall Width – The main framework of the step is 600 mm wide; the overall width shown is taken at the widest point, the axle, at the rear of the step.

Platform Size – 550 mm x 400 mm deep, this can be extended.

Kick Plate – All sizes in this range have a rear toe plate.

Packing Information – When your step arrives with you, it will be fully assembled.

Lead Time: 12 weeks.

How to choose the correct mobile step for you…

  • With so many ranges of steps to choose from, how do you know which one suits your requirements? To help you decide, read the guide below, ensure you take every point into account to make sure that you get a safety step suitable for your requirements.
  • What height do you need to work at? This is usually between your waist and shoulders, when you know this see the Dimensions' page which will advise the correct platform you will need to order.
  • What width is the aisle space where you will be using your step?

We supply several ranges…

  • Narrow-Aisle Step axle widths between 540 mm – 580 mm
  • Industrial Step axle widths between 850 mm – 1320 mm
  • Extra-Wide and Truck-Dock Units axle widths between 995 mm – 1470 mm
  • Check all the doorways, will the step fit through them? Are there any low-hanging lights, beams etc. which the step may catch on? If there is you may need a Knock-Down Unit.
  • Do you need to push the step-up to a mezzanine floor, up to a container or wall? Specify the Flush Back Legs option.
  • Do you have to exit the step off the top platform? If so, you will need an additional Walk Through Extra.

Never try to save money by choosing a lower model than is required, reaching or straining should not happen when you pick the right step height. If you need any assistance when choosing your step, please contact us!


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