Truck locks are an easy way to retrofit brakes to an existing trolley or mobile platform, or as an alternative to braked castors. The truck locks have a foot operated pad that lowers a pad normally with a rubber surface down to the floor, raising the wheels slightly above the ground and providing a friction brake.

Also, called "trolley brakes".

The truck lock acts as a brake, as the platform or trolley can no longer move once the truck lock is engaged. The truck lock can easily be disengaged, making it an ideal tool to keep a trolley stable, when loading or offloading. Please see the video below for an explanation.

BZTL series truck locks are of pressed steel construction with a zinc-plated finish (excluding BZTL4, which is cast iron with a black finish)


Truck / Trolley Locks Description

All truck locks are top plate mounted and bolted to the underside of the trolley. The principle on which they work requires a constant gap between the unit and the floor. It is preferable to mount the truck lock close to a castor, ensuring that it does not interfere with the free movement and operation of the castor.

A step-down foot-operated pedal moves a skid-resistant rubber pad into friction contact with the floor surface. This is done with a spring-loaded over-cam mechanism that does not lift the load and keeps the operating force low. It also means the load rating of the trolley is not relevant to the truck lock. A second step down pedal raises the footpad. The limited number of parts means there is less to maintain or go wrong.

Where a trolley has four swivel castors, two truck locks are required – one to be fitted at each end, either on the same side or diagonally opposite. Only one truck lock is required at the swivel end of a trolley that has two swivel and two fixed castors.

Mounted Height mm Retracted Height mm Code
168 136 BZTL1
168 136 BZTL1 ISO
195 155 BZTL2
245 205 BZTL3
245 205 BZTL3ISO
210 170 BZTL6


As well as the range of truck locks above, we also have the following models that are generally held in larger stocks. Please note that the brackets are slightly different.


Product Code Extended Height mm Retracted Height mm Top Plate Size mm
BZTL1 168 136 152 x 114
BZTL2 195 155 152 x 114
BZTL3 245 205 152 x 114
BZTL4 205 170 152 x 114
BZTL5 151 125 120 x 120
BZTL6 210 170 120 x 120

For pre-production and development design, we would always recommend getting a sample truck lock/brake.


Side mounted Truck locks.


BZTL7L is a left hand or right-hand side way operated roll lock which comprises a pressed steel construction, with rubber foot pads of 80 mm diameter.

Fully extended height 381 mm and retracted height 346 mm, the Main lever extends out 228 mm, plate size 165 mm a 114 mm and with a blank plate, so hole centres can be drilled at the site to match your requirements.


We now have a new range of Parking and Lifting Brakes

lifting jacks for trolleys


Parking/Prop Jacks are a new range of high-quality jacks and are designed to hold loads up to 4000 kg.
The main jack body is supplied unpainted for welding directly to your units before painting.
Depending on the model, they are available with a side-winding or top winding handle and either round or square baseplates, with a maximum stroke of 450 mm.

Lifting Jacks are another new range of high quality lifting Jacks and are designed to hold and lift loads up to 4000 kg
The main jack body is supplied zinc plated and comes complete with an inner fixing tube for welding directly to your unit.
They are available with a side-winding handle and either round or square baseplates, with a maximum lift of 375 mm.

lifting jacks fitted to trolley

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