The largest range of water and chemical storage tanks in one place covering industrial, agricultural and domestic uses. The storage tanks can be installed both above and below ground. We also supply the accessories for bowsers, campsites, and signage.

Water Storage Tanks

Please contact us with the style of storage tank required, capacity and where you would like it delivered as some larger 25,000 litre tanks require specialist vehicles.

Manufactured in the UK, these quality water tanks are made from high grade polyethylene. The professional design and manufacturing processes are all done 'in house' which allows Merlin to offer you a bespoke design and a next day service if required. All the tanks use UK standard fittings, which mean you can use any of your existing fittings.

shut off valve and connector

AdBlue Bunded Storage Tanks

adblue tanks made in the uk

Current legislation and developments in fuel efficiency have now increased the use of AdBlue for agricultural and commercial vehicles and farming machinery. Every product is designed for ease of use and can be used with our tough yet economical transfer systems, bunded dispensers (including our premium steel bunded range), storage tanks and IBC bunds.

1000 to 5000 litres capacity in 10 different designs.

Baffled Water Tanks

baffled water tank 1000litres

Baffled water tanks are ideal for Mobile Window Cleaners or Wheelie Bin Cleaners. Suitable for use on vehicles, the semi translucent polymer means that the water level is always visible. The fixed baffle helps to prevent vehicle instability due to lots of water sloshing around with the larger tanks holding 1900 kg of water.

280 to 1900 litres capacity in 23 different designs.

Bunded Chemical Tanks

bunded chemical tank with 4000litre capacity

Completely manufactured from acid and alkali resistant polyethylene with the latest UV stabilization package, it is suitable for all oils and most non-combustible chemicals, has high impact strength and is weather resistant. The enclosed bund provides protection from leakage and overfilling, whilst also preventing the ingress of rainwater and debris. As a result, it is ideal for external use.

Manufactured in black as standard, it can be made in a range of colours for branding purposes, or to provide a quick visual identification of the chemical stored.

900 to 4000 litres capacity in 9 different designs.

Bunded Oil Tanks

bunded oil tanks made in the uk

Bunded oil tanks are used everywhere as the safest form of oil storage. They are needed for storing oil within 10 meters of a drain, water course or place of natural beauty. Most insurance companies require you to have a bunded oil tank, also the UK environmental agency may ask you to install a bunded tank instead of the cheaper single skin tank.

710 to 5000 litres capacity in 15 different designs.

Insulated Storage Tanks

insulated water tank made in the UK

Insulated water tanks provide a cost-effective alternative to insulated GRP/FRP water storage tanks. Without the need for unsightly insulation jackets, which are prone to deteriorate and are not suitable for external use, the water is integrally protected from extremes of heat or cold with foam that is stable between -30 deg. C and 100 deg C.

710 to 5600 litres capacity in 14 different designs.

Liquid Fertilizer Tanks

liquid fertiliser 1600litre capacity

The liquid fertilizer tanks are manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) in a one piece mould to prevent any weaknesses and enjoy a 10-year guarantee. Maintenance free, strong and long-lasting and made in the UK.

1450 to 25000 litres capacity in 14 different designs.

Milk Storage Tanks

milk butt storage tank 280litres

Designed for the dairy farming industry, these milk storage tanks are weather and impact resistant so that they can be placed near the milking machinery and the 4500 litre / 990 gallons weighs 245 kg when empty due to the amount of heavy-duty material included.

280 to 4500 litres capacity in 6 different designs.

Molasses Tanks

molasses storage tanks

The molasses storage tanks are very similar to the liquid fertilizer tanks shown above and have thicker walls to handle the storage of molasses and though available in black as standard they can also be supplied in natural translucent material allowing for an easy level indicator.

1450 to 25000 litres capacity in 16 different designs.

Single Skin Chemical Storage Tanks

single skin liquid storage tank

Cheaper than the double skinned models and subsequently more affordable these chemical storage tanks are made from Polyethylene (PE) suitable for most general chemicals (e.g. non corrosive). Normal storage temperatures of -20°C to 30°C

75 to 4500 litres capacity in 27 different designs.

Drinking Water Tanks

drinking water tanks made in the uk

Drinking Water Tanks are manufactured using WRAS Approved polyethylene Icorene 1314 DW Black 9001 or Revolve N-748 Black approved under WRAS Approval 1202543 and 1201523 respectively. Made from tough, durable plastic that is weather and impact resistant.

85 to 25000 litres capacity in 25 different designs.

Underground Water Storage Tanks

underground water storage tanks

Safe storage of water is imminently important during climate changes and has been around for many years, though is now becoming much easier to do thanks to the wide range of water tanks available..

280 to 15000 litres capacity in 31 different designs.

Water Butts

uk manufactured water butts

Primarily used in the garden to save rainwater and distribute around the garden, we have a wide range of attractive water butts that enhance the garden and offer rain collection of up to 1600 litres.

Popular 10,000 litres capacity storage tanks.

10000 litres water tanks

Popular 15,000 litres capacity storage tanks.

15000 litres water tanksThe storage tank images above can be enlarged by clicking on them for more detail.

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