We supply various drum handing equipment for a wide variety of steel and plastic drums.  Below we have listed some of the popular drums we can supply quickly from stock should you require a complete service or just need empty drums.

tight head plastic drum

 New Steel and Plastic Drums available in small quantities

210 litre Steel Round Drums

steel drum open top

steel drum tight head

steel drums 210litre



  • UN certified for transporting hazardous liquid – except TCN212
  • Complete 2” tri-sure bung – except TCN212
  • Plain interior for coatings, paints etc. Lacquered interior for food stuff,  flavourings etc.
  • Open top complete with band closing rings.
  • O/A Dim: 585 Dia. X 885Hmm

Steel 210 litre Drums


Steel tight head drums

Product CodeDescriptionInt. Finish


2012141 Steel Drum Tighthead Plain
2012099 Steel Drum Tighthead Lacquered
2012621 Steel Drum Open top Plain
2012635 Steel Drum Open top Lacquered

120l, 60l, 30l, 12l, 6l Tight Head Steel Drums

  • Manufactured from mild steel.
  • Complete with 2” tri-sure fittings in head.
  • Coated exterior with lacquered interior for chemicals, paints and solvent storage.
Product CodeDescription
Various tight head steel drums
208829P 120 litre x 2
208551P 60 litre x 2
208568P 30 litre x 2
203028P 12 litre x 4
211360P 6 litre x 4

210 litre Tighthead Steel Drum Polycomposite

Polycomposite steel drums are supplied with a rigid plastic liner fitted internally, this offers additional protection for shipping dangerous or high value products.

Capacity: 210 litres

  • Dimensions: 585 mm x 883 mm
  • Handles: No

Manufactured from mild steel with rigid polythene liner

Internal liner is manufactured from blow moulded food grade HDPE

  • Tighthead drum fitted with two 2" bungs
  • UN Approved packing group I certified for liquid material
  • UN mark: UN6HA1/X1.6/300/**
  • UN Approved for transportation of hazardous materials (check product  compatibility)
Product CodeDescriptionExt.Finish
Polycomposite Steel Drums
2012613 210 litre Black
2040072P 60 litre French Blue
204082P 30 litre French Blue

Plastic Drums

Manufactured from food grade polyethylene, pigmented Blue

open top plastic drum

Open top plastic drum

tight head plastic drum

Tighthead Plastic Drum

UN approved for hazardous solids.

Open Top Model

  • Suitable for solids, pastes and granules.4
  • Removable lids kept in place by robust metal band and tension clasp.
  • Carrying handle on 30/60 litre drums.

Tighthead Model

  • For liquids – chemicals, coatings, adhesives and foodstuffs
  • Complete with 2” tri-sure bung closure top.
Product CodeDescriptionCapacityH mm x Diameter
Polyethylene Drums
2131003 Open Top Drum 30 litre 510 x 317
2160375 Open Top Drum 60 litre 615 x 400
2181914 Open Top Drum 120 litre 503 x 810
2190497 Open Top Drum 225 litre 600 x 995
2160661 Tighthead Drum 60 litre 560 x 360w x 380d
2282279 Tighthead Drum 120 litre 790 x 495


Tighthead Drum 210 litre 930 x 572

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