Our meticulously crafted fabric cutting tables are tailored to meet the discerning needs of professionals in the realms of fashion, education, and science. Versatile enough to accommodate a diverse range of materials, these cutting-edge tables are not only adept in their design but also bear the mark of sustainable excellence. Handcrafted with precision in the UK, each pattern cutting table is customized to your exact specifications, utilizing ecologically sourced materials to align seamlessly with your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Adjustable Height Cutting Table with lower shelf

height adjustable cutting table 3m long

  • A robust height-adjustable metal workstation for use in schools, homes, factories, and workshops with a UDL of 800 kg
  • Four sizes of steel work station/packing bench/industrial worktable are available with roll holder for bubble, fabrics, paper, or cardboard.
  • Offers height adjustment of 900 mm to 1100 mm with 18 mm MDF Top and levelling adjustable feet.
  • Made from powder-coated metal for corrosion protection and a modern look.
  • Designed in the UK
  • 5-year warranty on the whole range.
  • UDL = uniformly distributed load.

Height adjustable between 900 and 1100 mm


  • 1500 × 750 mm
  • 2000 × 1000 mm
  • 2440 × 1200 mm
  • 3050 × 1525 mm

Also available with a roll dispenser and fixed height as shown below;

HD mobile cutting table with dispenser rail

Cutting Table Shop

Heavy Duty Adjustable Workbench with Under shelf, Roll Dispenser and MDF Top

Heavy-Duty Mobile Cutting Tables

mobile cutting tables

  • Fully welded frame for extra strength and longevity.
  • Modular workbench for DIY, factories, workshops, or schools.
  • 4 sizes available with powder-coated mild steel frame, good corrosion protection.
  • Working height of 900 mm with an 18 mm MDF top and overall UDL of 500 kg.
  • Comes as self-assembly kit frame or already made up, only 3 to 5 days for delivery.
  • 2 end frames, 3 crossbars, fixings, and lockable metal castors.
  • Designed in the UK, comes with instructions and 5-year warranty.

Height 900 mm

Standard Sizes

  • 1500 × 750 mm
  • 2000 × 1000 mm
  • 2440 × 1200 mm
  • 3050 × 1525 mm

Cutting Table Shop

Heavy Duty Mobile Workbench with Under shelf, Roll Dispenser and MDF Top

cutting table with lower shelf and rollers

The Cutting & Pattern Table is designed to suit a good deal of fabric cutting work spaces and sewing rooms. Whether home, small business, or industrial. A cutting table may be required for cutting fabric, paper, or film in a busy design studio, for example.

Or perhaps a more compact sewing and cutting or pattern layout table is needed for working from home for pattern cutting for dressmaking. These ergonomically designed tables can be made to suit your all your specific requirements. Including optional storage options for keeping your sewing or fabric cutting supplies safe.

Project Tables

merlin cutting table

Standard Sizes: 

  • 1200 × 1200 mm
  • 1800 × 1200 mm
  • 2400 × 1200 mm 

Cutting Table Shop

Project Table – 2400 x 1200 mm


  • Sturdy tables for all types of projects
  • Laminated tops for durability
  • Light Grey tops
  • Fitted with strong feet to protect the floor
  • Non marking feet
  • Strong leg system
  • Choice of frame colours
  • 800 mm high for ease of use

Cutting Tables

custom cutting table with drawers

custom cutting table 18891

Cutting tables and fabric cutting areas are ordinarily fully welded steel framed for added strength, thought his is generally dependent on your requirements.

Made to the highest quality, the factory ensures you receive a worktable that is durable and also long-lasting. Furthermore, should you also require additional storage, our tables can also have a wide variety of drawers and shelves in addition to take equipment. This includes storage for patterns and materials such as or scissors and knives for cloth cutting. Along with space underneath the table for box storage or pigeonhole storage, incorporated within the design.

 Flatpacked Fabric Cutting Tables


Made To Order Pattern Cutting Tables

cutting table in use

All industrial tables are made to measure and then manufactured to order. As a result, you can be certain that you will get the perfect large work area tables to suit all your DIY, craft, or industry needs. Please use the contact form here to get in touch with us, or alternatively, you can email or phone us to receive a quote.

All cutting tables are delivered fully assembled and ready for work, and if you require any help with installation, let us know.
High-Quality UK Manufactured.

All the products are durable, hard wearing and sturdy. Providing the table is set level using the adjustable feet then there will not be any wobble if used as a sewing table, as a result, you can use industrial sewing machines without worrying about unnecessary movement. We can also offer manual cutters and cutting machines which can easily be incorporated into the table-tops.

Cutting Table Options

The tables can be manufactured from either durable powder coated welded steel frame, solid wooden construction, or retro industrial pipe. The UK factory have been regularly manufacturing large and small tables for over 10 years.

As a result, they have a wealth of experience in delivering cutting tables manufactured to your requirements. As a proven UK manufacturer, they are a particularly ideal partner for the manufacture and supply of high-quality fashion studio tables. We can also offer an on-site installation service for the larger worktables as shown above.

With many cutting table options to choose from, including:


  • Dimensions to suit your workspace and activity
  • Mobile with castors, or static
  • Various storage options
  • A wide range of tops available; These include hardwood, PVC, Trespa, laminate, stainless steel or simply MDF.
  • Roll holders Holds industrial vinyl rolls in various sizes/weights. Conveniently integrated as an addition to your workstation.
  • Integrated Bin Rail, and also Supply Bins: Integrated waste bin into table. Ideal solution for waste and off cuts.

Merlin also have a budget range of cutting tables. Please contact them for further details.

Please contact Merlin Industrial with your cutting table requirements. Standard lead time is normally 4 to 6 weeks from order, though this can be extended during educational holidays.

New standard cutting table sizes.

HI WT 4W 2570 without Hooks.png

Available with Plywood, Lino, Laminated and ESD tops

Product Code Size Description
HI-WT-4W-2513 2500 mm x 1280 mm Worktable with Ply Bed, Large
HI-WT-4W-2570 2500 mm x 670 mm Worktable with Ply Bed
HI-WT-4W-1370 1280 mm x 670 mm Worktable with Ply Bed, Small
HI-WT-LSA-2513 2500 mm x 1280 mm Worktable with Ply Bed, Long Side Access, Large
HI-WT-LSA-2570 2500 mm x 670 mm Worktable with Ply Bed, Long Side Access
HI-WT-LSA-1370 1280 mm x 670 mm Worktable with Ply Bed, Long Side Access, Small
HI-WT-SSA-2513 2500 mm x 1280 mm Worktable with Ply Bed, Short Side Access, Large
HI-WT-SSA-2570 2500 mm x 670 mm Worktable with Ply Bed, Short Side Access
HI-WT-SSA-1370 1280 mm x 670 mm Worktable with Ply Bed, Short Side Access, Small
HI-WT-BOH Bolt On Hooks to suit Worktable (Pair)
HI-WT-F Adjustable feet to suit Worktable (Set of 4)
HI-WT-CP Cutting Pad to suit Worktable

Bolt on hooks to take rolls of material

HI WT 4W 2513 with Hooks

Fabric rollers and conveyor trolleys.

fabric roller trolley / conveyor

Made to order. Can be used with a maximum roll length of 3.3 metres. For quotations please advise maximum and minimum roll diameters, lengths and weights, as this determines the rollers used. Both units can be supplied with castors or as stands.

This conveyor unit provides easy transportation of fabric rolls between departments as a wheeled version, or it can act as a roller conveyor when fixed to the floor.
It helps limit heavy lifting for operators and/or warehousing staff and is set at a height which makes cloth rolls easy to load on and off most cutting tables.

Fabric Roll Cradle.

fabric cradle rollers for cutting tables

These cradles use free running rollers mounted on bearings to hold cloth rolls for transportation and off-rolling purposes. Ideal for customers who like to lay out cloth onto a long cutting table.

Simply place the cloth into the cradle, position at the end of a laying up table, and pull the cloth onto the table-top. The bearing mounted rollers allow the cloth to rotate freely in the cradle, and the addition of wheels makes it very portable.


Self Healing Cutting Mats

self healing green cutting mat

Looking for the best self-healing cutting mat that will last for years, and protect your work surface and tools from damage? Rhino has spent over 15 years developing the most durable and versatile self-healing cutting mats on the market.

Each of our rotating cutting mats is designed to provide a long-lasting surface for you to use in your workshop or industrial space. This provides you with a craft cutting mat solution that is both affordable and effective over a long period of time.

Why Self Healing?
All of our cutting mats are self-healing. Self-healing cuttings mats last for years if used correctly, and cheaper options will prove a false economy in the long run.

A self-healing mat will also increase the lifespan of your cutting tool’s blade edge, giving a further cost saving. Self-healing cutting mats give straighter cuts, as the cutting tool blade will not slip into the groves of previous cuts.

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