Bag Handlers for Forklifts can also be used with cranes and the HIAB systems, making them highly versatile. Big bag handlers are manufactured to the highest quality, come 'CE' marked, fully tested and supplied with the latest Health & Safety test certification. With weight capacities of up to 2000 kg.

Fork Mounted Big Bag Handler (FBBT)

The forklift bag handler is designed for handling standard size "big bags" whilst utilising the forks on the forklift truck.  The bag handler attachment simply attaches to the forklift forks, thus allowing the bags to be picked up via the bag loops. A bag claw situated on each corner of the forklift bag handler allows safe lifting, loading and unloading of big bags.


Negating the need to hang the bag straps directly off the forklift forks, and avoiding the subsequent damage that the sharp fork edges can incur, our forklift bag handler provides the ideal solution for your big bag handling requirements.


With safe securing to the forklift forks via heel retention pins, and supplied in safety yellow for visibility when fitted to the forklift, like all our forklift attachments, the forklift bag handler will come fully tested and certified to comply with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.



CBBT Big bag handler

CBBT forklift big bag handlers

Our carriage mounted big bag handler is designed for more dedicated big bag handling, where the bag handling attachment is mounted directly onto the carriage of the lift truck. The carriage mounted forklift bag lifter gives more lift height than our fork mounted version, as the tines are set at the top of the carriage plate.


The bags are simply picked up by pushing a tine through the loops on each corner of the bag. Handle stops at the end of the tines prevent the big bags from moving forward during transportation.


For safe and simple lifting, handling and transporting of big bags, our carriage mounted bag handler offers the perfect solution, and like all our forklift attachments, will come fully tested and certified to comply with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.

Download or View the CBBT Bag handler datasheet

Cruciform Big bag handler

CBH forklift big bag handlers

The cruciform big bag handler has been designed to enable bags with 4 loops to be lifted with an overhead crane or overhead lifting hook. A centrally mounted shackle allows a hook to be fitted with ease.

Special loop retainers on the bag handling attachment allow the bag loops to be simply fitted, whilst ensuring they cannot accidentally come out.

Like all our forklift and crane slung attachments, the cruciform bag handler will come fully tested and certified to comply with latest Health & Safety Regulations.

N.B. For suspending below the forks of a lift truck, a fork mounted hook attachment would be required.

Sand Bag Carriers (SBC)

hs sbc forklift bag lifter

Specifically designed for the safe movement of sacks, Ballast or similar by hooping through all four welded lifting hooks. Due to its single lifting eye, the unit can be fitted to Overhead Crane, HIAB or Forklift via a swivel hook.

Approximate lead time: Approx 2-3 days

hs sbc forklift bag lifter close up

Available in 1000 and 2000 kg versions please ask for the HS-SBC when enquiring.


  • Position the lifting hook over the central lifting point on the carrier.
  • Attach the hook and lift vertically.
  • Attach the lifting straps on the bag to the 4 safety latches.
  • To release, push the safety latch and remove straps.
  • The attachment is now ready for use.


  • The Sand Bag Carrier should be inspected weekly for general condition with particular attention paid to: A – All weld points, B – Any damaged/worn components
  • Damage or failure must be reported and rectified immediately prior to re-use of the attachment.
  • General surface rusting especially in the critical areas should be treated with proprietary inhibitors, primers and paint on a regular basis.
  • This product is certified for six (6) months from the date of manufacture after which it is the customer’s responsibility to have the product re-tested at an approved testing facility or inspected and logged in a register by a competent person as advised by the HSE.


Bulk Bag Carrier

ISBC bulk bag carrier fork lift attachment

The Fork Mounted Sand Bag Carrier provides a simple and effective method of moving full or partially full sand bags / bulk bags / tonne bags around your site / yard. Due to its extended load centre the potential ripping of the bags on the foot of the mast is eliminated and the built-in fork pockets also provide convenience and efficiency.

  • Model ISBC-1
  • Load capacity 2000 kg
  • Load centre 885 mm
  • Fork spread 600 mm
  • Maximum fork size 125 x 50 mm

Standard Features

  • Four smooth profile lifting lugs.
  • Zinc Plated Heel Pins for safe attachment to truck
  • Painted bright orange for safety.

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