The heavy-duty workbench cutting mats are a great solution, suitable for large applications and fabrication environments where a heavy-duty cutting mat or industrial workbench protection mat is needed.

  • 4.5 mm Thick Semi-Opaque White Heavy-Duty Cutting Mat
  • Good Self-Healing properties and Silicone Free. Ensures straighter cutting and Knife
    blades last longer.
  • Solvent proof and lightly textured anti-glare surface
  • A great investment for your workplace – protects your work surface, and with great
    hygienic ‘easy clean’ and waterproof properties, you can keep your bench looking fantastic.

Best Anti-Static and Heat-Resistant Work Bench Mat Protection Options in the UK

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Looking for a workbench protection mat that will last for years, and protect your work-surface from damage? Unlike rubber workbench matting, which will wear and score or scratch within months in heavy-usage environments. Our bench top protection mats will look great and stay smooth for years, even when sharp knives or hot equipment is being used. ESD Bench Mats offer protection from electrostatic discharge. Anti-static bench mats are essentially the same as ESD mats, just a different name for the same thing. Anti-static workbench mats are effective at protecting people and sensitive components from static electricity, which is an important health and safety consideration in many industrial workplaces.


Heavy Duty Self-Healing Workbench Protection Mats

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The toughest, most durable surface protection option in our range is the Rhino Heavy-Duty Workbench Mat.

At 4.5 mm thick, it is marginally thinner than our SupaSeal Clear workbench protective mat, but it is made from tougher material and provides the best protection of all. This is a great surface protection mat for automotive companies, packing suppliers, 3PL companies, or for virtually any industrial application where a premium workbench surface mat is required.

Large, Long, Extra Long, and Custom Size Bench Mat Options

Our Heavy-Duty Surface Mats, available in large sizes from 600×800 mm to 3657×1828 mm (12' x 6'), with plenty of sizes in-between, and a custom cut size option too.

Or for the largest cutting mat options, and for extra-long workbench protection mats, try SupaSeal Clear Surface Protection Mats, available in 5 widths (1 metre to 2.2 metres), and cut to custom lengths up to 20 metres long. Available in standard pre-cut lengths from 1 metre to 6 metres.

Rubber Workbench Protection Matting vs Anti-Static Self-Healing Workbench Mats

Many rubber workbench mats are quite thin and flimsy, and will therefore quickly curl or tear. Also, they don’t last long at all where sharp tools are used. The thinner rubber mats on rolls can be quite a low cost, but are a false economy for all but the lowest usage environments.

The rigid self-healing thick workbench protection mats from Rhino, in contrast, will last for years, and even work to protect against sharp knife blades and cutting tools.

Anti-static bench mat rolls often need studs or screws to keep them flat, damaging your workbench surface.

Whilst the Rhino workbench mats are supplied on rolls for ease of transport, they will lay flat over a 24hr period once unrolled, saving the need to fasten them through with fixings to your workbench.

Some rubber workbench protection solutions are both anti-static and heat-resistant. All of our Rhino Workbench Mats are heat-resistant and anti-static.

We supply the complete cutting table with the mats, if required.

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