Wire Mesh Racking Decks are a low weight, high-strength wire mesh decking system. This is suitable for storing palletized goods or single units safely. Constructed from fusion welded steel in various configurations as shown below.

Wire mesh decks come as standard 70% permeable, therefore reducing the gathering of dust. At the same time, allowing light and water from sprinklers to penetrate lower levels. Designed with a 38 mm waterfall design front and rear, the easySHELF™ is secured safely into place with no additional fixings, making it easy to install. This allows you to easily create your racking system how you want it.

Wire Mesh Racking Decks

racking with wire mesh decking


  • Deck Design: A wide range of deck designs tailored to your specific application. Each one of the deck designs are suitable for a range of storage opinions.
  • Mesh Aperture: Available in a range of mesh apertures with a 70% permeable surface, therefore, reducing the gathering of dust, whilst at the same time allowing light to penetrate to lower decking levels.
  • Supports: Maximize load capacity and strength capability, with a range of supports including flared supports, box section, and reinforced rods.
  • Finishes: Available in a range of finishes including Bright Zinc Plate, Powder Coated, and Hot Dipped Galvanized or Plastic-Coated for outdoor use.

Wire Mesh easySHELF™ Range

wire mesh decks

We have a range of easySHELF™ Mesh Decks which different application needs and perfect for different industry. No matter what you need to store, we will have the right solution for you. Each wire mesh deck is available in a range of sizes and finishes of your choice.

Waterfall Deck

Characterised by the 38 mm waterfall, the full fusion welded construction creates durable decking solutions to transform any pallet racking or long span shelving system into an efficient storage space.

Overhang Deck

easySHELF™ Overhang decks are a variation of the Waterfall design with an extended mesh pattern for loads larger than the beam depths for installation with box beams to create a flat decking level. Available in a range of sizes and finishes.

Angle Mesh Deck

A heavy-duty storage application constructed with a steel angle perimeter and finished with reinforced wire mesh, to store loads in excess of 1000kgs.

Cradle Deck

Cradle Decks, are a variation of the Waterfall design, incorporating the use of pallet support bars for added strength for installation with box beams to create a flat decking level.

Up stand Deck

easySHELF™ Up-stand decks, are a variation of the waterfall design but using an up-stand at the rear of the deck to stop items from falling off the back for installation with box beams to create a flat decking level. Available in a range of sizes and finishes.

Step Beam Deck

The easySHELF™ Step is a high strength wire mesh deck designed for the use of Step Beams. Featuring an internal waterfall to match the pitch of the step, creating an unrestricted loading level.

wire mesh on racking

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