A wide range of forklifts mounted skips in three main versions with many capacities. Base emptying, roll forward skips and plastic tipping skips. For more information and specifications, contact Merlin.

Base Emptying Waste Stillages

ADB base emptying bins


  • Allows safe fork lift transportation / disposal of waste
  • One man operation
  • Operator stays on forklift throughout operation
  • Optional blue, red, green colours
  • Braked Castors for ease of movement, off-truck, or final positioning, 100 mm diameter Cast Iron or Nylon
  • Lifting Lugs for crane or hoist
  • Lids to protect the waste from the elements

Download or view the Bottom Emptying Skips - available in three sizes.


Bottom Emptying Skips

bottom emptying skip

Automatic Bottom Empty Skips allow the simple but effective disposal of light to medium weight waste when being automatically emptied into high sided yard skips via the base release mechanism, without the driver leaving the safety of his seat.

Height for all models; 900 mm (Add 270 mm to height to give overall skip height)

Model Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) C of G (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Nominal Capacity (m3)
IBE-1 550 212 385 850 1050 0.8
IBE-2 750 255 500 1050 1200 1.2
IBE-3 950 287 500 1050 1500 1.45


  • Position the forks the correct distance apart to locate into fork pockets.
  • Remove fork pocket heel pins from skip.
  • Drive forks into the fork pockets.
  • Insert fork pocket heel pins directly behind the heel of the fork and attach safety lynch pin into the hole provided.
  • Take the bottom empty skip to the yard skip and position the actuator plates (on the rear of the skip base) over the side of the yard skip.
  • With the mast vertical lower the actuator plates onto the side of the yard skip and to activate the release hooks.
  • Keeping the mast vertical, lift the carriage of the forklift truck so as the drop bottom door clears the side of the yard skip and reverse clear.
  • Lower the skip to the ground to automatically re-latch the drop bottom door – some forward tilt may be required dependent on site conditions.


  • 125 mm diameter nylon castor fitted as standard
  • Internally reinforced sides and lap welded corners
  • Unique automatic releasing and locking mechanism
  • Maximum fork section 150 x 50 mm at 683 mm centres
  • Zinc plated heel pins for safe attachment to truck
  • Painted bright orange for safety


  • Colour finish for waste separation or department
  • Hinged lid

optional folded lid for skip


Polyethylene /Plastic Skip

Designed for the food industry and available with a choice of crane lift or forklift attachments.

cranelift 333litre tip skip

plastic forklift or crane lift tipping skip

Heavy-duty push, crane lift or fork lift tipping skip

  • Ideal for food industry/engineering waste movement, also suitable for carrying construction waste.
  • Fits through a standard door frame, and has fitted pushing handles, fork channels and trolley wheels.
  • 333 litre capacity wheeled tipping skip
  • Crane Lift Model

    Code: 333TSKIPCL

    Length 1375 mm

    Width 785 mm

    Height 1200 mm

    Capacity 333 litres

    Weight 116 kg


    Fork Lift Model

    Code: 333TSKIP

    Length 1375 mm

    Width 785 mm

    Height 1110 mm

  • Capacity 333 litres
  • Weight 116 kg


Roll Forward Plastic Skip

RFSP11L Roll forward plastic skip

This roll forward skip uses a rotationally moulded polyethylene bucket which is attached to a painted steel chassis on legs, is fitted with a safety chain and discharge handle, and is designed to withstand day to day use in applications for the construction industry.

LENGTH: 1795 mm
WIDTH: 1740 mm
HEIGHT: 192 mm
MAX LOAD: 1000 kg


Galvanised Roll Forward Skips

galvanized mini skip rear view

Also, available in a painted version to save costs.

This brand new galvanised forklift tipping bin has never been used and comes with a hot-dipped galvanised finish, making the skips ideally suited for when working in corrosive environments or where corrosive waste is being put into the skip.

Manufactured with a regular duty 3 mm thick steel body and heavy-duty underframe, the tipping bin is the perfect solution to waste handling when non-corrosive properties are required.

Emptying of the forklift skip contents is carried out by a simple-to-operate release mechanism, which, when activated, allows the tip skip to roll forward and empty.

  • Manufactured from mild steel with a hot dipped Galvanised finish, offering non-corrosive properties
  • Regular duty 3 mm thick steel tipping bin ensures strong, durable properties
  • Full width release handles to eliminate the need to have to lean in between the skip and the truck mast for tipping
  • Heavy-duty steel under frames to ensure long service life properties
  • Twin locking mechanisms for added safety to ensure safe locking when skips are loaded unevenly
  • Pre-drilled castor plates to allow retro fitment of castors if need be (no on-site welding required)
  • Safety security chains ensure skips are safely retained to the lift truck without risk of slipping off the truck forks
  • Pull cord fixing points to both left and right-hand sides, allows easy retro fitment if required
  • Bolted tipping handle assembly allows easy replacement if required (no welding required)
  • 'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to meet Health & Safety Regulations
Model Ref Volume Capacity
O/all Length
O/all Width
O/all Height
RFS 40L-GALV 0.40 1360 925 776

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