Tough collapsible gas storage cage that can be easily moved around the site or even different depots, making it cheaper than having a fixed cage stand empty for most of the time. Our flat packed gas storage cage is also galvanized to withstand the elements.

Tuffcage - Tough Gas Bottle Storage

Folded and easy to move around

The gas cage comes in clever one-piece steel construction with no detachable parts and built-in forklift skids for stacking flat packed.  The galvanized gas cylinder and bottle cage will also last longer than the competition due to the galvanized coating. For companies requiring temporary storage for hazardous gas bottles, this cage can be easily stored as it is folded flat and only 180 mm high.

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Fully Erected and ready for use in just 4 minutes.

2 404 s


  • One-piece construction with no removable parts
  • Very quickly erected and dismantled
  • Folds down to 180 mm high
  • Galvanized to sustain all weather conditions
  • Two padlock points
  • Easily stacked when folded down, with the fork skids on the base
  • Suitable for securing tools and equipment as well as gas cylinders


Gorilla Gas Bottle Cage

GGC3 Gas Bottle Cage

Code Description Weight (kg) Dimensions
(W x D x H)
GGC1 gas bottle cage 40 External: 1015x570x935 Internal: 950x500x850
GGC2 gas bottle cage with shelf 62 External: 915x580x1835 Internal: 850x500x1750
GGC3 gas bottle cage 60 External: 915x580x1835 Internal: 850x500x1750
GGC4 gas bottle cage 68 External: 1215x1270x1235 Internal: 1150x1200x1150
GGC5 gas bottle cage 67 External: 915x970x1835 Internal: 850x900x1750
GGC6 gas bottle cage 87 External: 1215x1270x1835 Internal: 1150x1200x1750
GGC7 gas bottle cage 98 External: 1815x970x1835 Internal: 850x900x1750
GGC8 gas bottle cage 108 External: 1815x1270x1835 Internal: 850x1200x1750
GGC9 gas bottle cage 135 External: 1815x1880x1835 Internal: 850x1800x1750
GGC10 gas bottle cage 165 External: 2415x1870x1835 Internal: 1150x1800x1750
GGC11 gas bottle cage 188 External: 2715x1880x1835 Internal: 850x1800x1750
GGC12 gas bottle cage 182 External: 2415x2480x1835 Internal: 1150x2400x1750

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Security cages, both internal and external. Suitable for gas cages or hazardous chemicals. Easily erected and moved. Gives extra secure space when used outside.

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