Please find the latest Treston product information for the ESD and Standard ranges which includes workbenches, trolleys, shelving, seating, and ESD containers.

Treston Storage Systems

550 series small parts cabinet

Designed in Finland, the small-parts storage cabinets meet the requirements of demanding professional use in industrial facilities, stores, workshops, warehouses, hospitals, pharmacies, and schools.

Treston Storage Catalogue

Treston Seating Range

treston seating 

The new Treston chair range offers high-performance seating solutions with maximum customer benefit for any industrial and technical working environment.
The high-quality technical products fulfil the highest requirements, offer outstanding value for money and meet the requirements of various workplaces – from production and packaging to standing work, ESD areas and R&D environments.

Treston Seating Catalogue

Treston Shelving and Cabinets

Treston shelving cabinets


Shelves and cabinets help keep the workplace in good order. During selection, the space available and load capacity required must be taken into account.
Shelving units are also excellent as room dividers. ESD protection is also available. 

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Treston Trolleys

Treston trolleys 2019 web

Work is not always confined to a single workstation and Work is not always confined to a single workstation, and tools must be moved around accordingly. Lightweight trolleys are ideal for this situation, significantly increasing productivity by up to 30%. Each task is different and requires dedicated tools. Due to their modularity and versatile accessory components, trolleys are easy to customise and adapt to suit a multitude of users and applications. 

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Treston Workbenches

treston wb workbenches

The WB workbench has been designed for use in The WB workbench has been designed for use in demanding assembly environments. The concept is one of simplicity and good ergonomics, allowing each bench to be adapted to a variety of tasks. Electric motor, manual hand crank or Allen key height adjustment cater for standing or seated users, while the generous worktop depth and broad accessory range ensure that everything is within easy reach.

Another feature of this new design is the flushed bench footprint; benches can be placed side-by-side, back-to-back, or right up against walls with no unnecessary gaps. You can design your workstation to suit your needs perfectly.

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Treston Workbench Lighting

treston lighting

Lighting is a vital part of ergonomic workspaces in lighting is a vital part of ergonomic workspaces in industrial environments. Light allows people to see and perform tasks better, as well as affecting their personal wellbeing and health. Individually adjustable, natural workstation lighting means more productivity.

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