Titanium swimming pool heaters are the latest range of the internationally acclaimed pool heaters manufactured here in Ivybridge by Thermalec, our sister company. New technology like the unique spiral flow allows these with sizes that range from 3kW to 120kW

Original Titanium Pool Heaters features:

  • Unique spiral flow allows efficient heat removal from the elements, minimizing the scale and sediment build up.
  • Unique design ensures cooler water from the filter pump does not strike the elements direct (giving longer life).
  • Air generated from the pump passes harmlessly around the sides of the baffles and across the top of the heater elements (heat pumps heat both air and water).
  • The control thermostat is positioned to sense the incoming water temperature and controls the pool to within 1oC. (Analogue or digital controller available.)
  • The safety thermostat senses the water temperature leaving the heater.
  • Thermalec® heaters can be used in conjunction with other heating systems to provide year round heating solutions for your pool or spa.
  • Each heater is designed with its own simple self diagnostic system.
  • Heating elements always submerged.

General Brochure on the Titanium Pool Heaters

The pool heaters in the Thermalec® pool and spa heater range are classified in series according to the body size. There are five models in the range. Each series offers a choice of nominal power rating. The following tables summarize the main features of the range and power ratings available in each series.

Model Capabilities
12THR 24THR 36THR 72THR 120THR
Body in robust fusion epoxy coated cast iron X X X X X
Elements in corrosion resistant Titanium X X X X X
Suitable for sea and salt water pools and spas X X X X X
Pressure: tested to 4 bar, operating 2 bar max. X X X X X
Safety pressure relief valve(s) X X X X X
Easy installation – uPVC solvent weld sockets X X X X X
Easy element replacement X X X X X
Water drain for winterisation or repair X X X X X
Removable top plate for easy vessel inspection X X X X X
Water flow direction easy to reverse X X X X X
Premium quality electrical components X X X X X
Heavy-duty contactors X X X X X
Power isolation ON/OFF switch X Option Option Option Option
Power isolation circuit breakers Option X X X X
Filter pump safety interlock X X X X X
Fused control circuit protection X X X X X
Liquid filled capillary control and safety thermostats X X X X X
Two stage temperature controller Option Option Option X X
Time delay switch powers elements in 2 stages Option Option Option X Option
Time delay switch powers elements in 3 stages Option Option Option Option X
At least 6 indicator lamps to monitor operation X X X X X
Analogue heater outlet water temperature indicator Option X X X X
Over-temperature safety trip with manual reset X X X X X
Protection in the event of pool filter pump failure X X X X X
Special design enclosure for spa applications X Option Option Option Option
Enhanced “Deluxe” model available Option Option Option Option Option
Suitable for fish pond and aquarium use  Option Option Option Option Option
Special models available for marine, central heating Option Option Option Option Option
& renewable energy applications  Option Option Option Option Option
Available for non-standard power supplies  Option Option Option Option Option
CE Mark - compliant with all relevant EU Directives X X X X X
Two year return-to-base guarantee X X X X X

The "X" denotes a standard feature for that model and "Option" for Optional

pool heaters power rating

12kw pool heater

Documentation and Specifications

120thr heater dimensions

Model Specifications
Ti 12KWthermalec1561ss.pdf
24THR Ti 24KWthermalec1561ss.pdf
36THR Ti 36KWthermalec1561ss.pdf
72THR Ti 72KWthermalec1561ss.pdf
120THR Ti 120KWthermalec1561ss.pdf

24kw titanium pool heater

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