Educational Teacher Storage walls (Teacher wall) that have been designed to offer the maximum use of available space in schools and colleges that are looking to do more in the same area, allowing extra room for students and staff. Our units can be used with existing equipment and storage so that costs are kept to a minimum.

Teacher Storage Walls

If a school, college or university would like to use their existing equipment, all of the Teacher Wall systems are capable of accepting any existing make of interactive white board, ceiling hung projectors, ultra-short throw projectors, E-Beam projectors and touch screen televisions. We can adapt the Teacher Wall system to accommodate existing equipment with the MADE TO MEASURE, MADE TO FIT facility.

teachers storage wall

Teacher Wall system 1 allows the use of a ceiling mounted or ultra-short throw projector/touch screen TV, at an overall storage height up to 2600 mm. Teacher Wall system 2 allows the use of a ultra-short throw projector/touch screen TV at an overall storage height of up to 3100 mm.

Teacher Wall system 3 allows the use of an E-Beam projector with three sliding dry wipe doors fitted with an anti-slam brake system, at an overall storage height of up to 3100 mm. Teacher Wall system 4 allows the use of a height adjustable touch screen television using a specially designed remote controlled heavy duty electric height adjustable TV mount.

green and white storage wall

All four Teacher Wall systems are designed to have the following optional features:

  • Gratnell Tray Unit Inserts for all Tray Sizes.
  • Heavy Duty Single Storage Drawer
  • Heavy Duty Double Storage Drawer
  • Double Filing Drawer System
  • Secure Laptop Pull Out Drawer
  • 16 or 32 Tablet Charge and Sync Cupboard
  • Sink and Taps

teachers storage wall with tv screen

To maximise the classroom storage potential, all four teacher wall systems can accept the following storage cupboard options:

  • Add on Storage Cupboard 818 mm wide
  • Add on Storage Cupboard 1038 mm wide
  • Add on Storage Cupboard with Waterproof Area for Sink and Taps
  • Add on Storage Cupboard for Visualiser, Printer or AV Equipment
  • Decorative End Finishing Panels
  • Vertical Scribe Finishing Panels

Choose from a side range of hard-wearing finishes or let us know if the finish you want is not shown as we have a wider range to choose from.

storage wall colour finishes


The system is a fully demount-able and relocatable storage and teaching system, each Teacher wall is built using individual modular cupboards of which bolt together, all base cupboards have inbuilt height adjustment to allow relocation to different classrooms.


All modular cupboards are produced with 18 mm thick furniture grade MFC with all end panels drilled at 32 mm centres for flexible shelving. All Teacher Wall systems are manufactured to suit the interactive hardware each School requires.

Schools have the option of having the choice of sliding or hinged cupboard doors, all low cupboards are designed to accept Gratnell trays as an option.

Strength and stability

The modular based construction of our Teacher Wall system allows the system to go to a height of 3500 mm, each modular cupboard is constructed from 18 mm furniture grade MFC with central dividers placed in cupboards over 1000 mm wide, all cupboard doors are 18 mm thick furniture grade MFC.

Sliding Dry Wipe Doors

All standard Teacher Wall systems are supplied with 2 x sliding dry wipe cupboard doors, the doors are secured top and bottom on an aluminium double sliding track system, both doors are fitted with brakes to allow soft close


Hinges are nickel plated soft-closing 110 degree, optional locks are nickel finished cylinder locks with removable barrel, all locks are supplied with 2no keys, master keys are available as an optional cost, standard handles are brushed silver D shaped, and other handles are available upon request.

Internal fittings

All standard Teacher Wall systems can accept the following internal fittings

  • 25 mm thick MFC shelving
  • Roll out filing cradles
  • Gratnell trays of any size
  • Heavy duty storage drawer
  • Filing drawers
  • Pigeon hole units
  • Display cabinets with optional LED lighting
  • Secure lap top drawer

Teacher Desks

All standard Teacher walls can be built with an optional panel end Teacher desk semi supported by the Teacher Wall system, each desk is individually manufactured to fit the schools requirements perfectly, optional pedestals and filing cabinets are also available.

Our standard finishes are;

  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Portofino Cherry
  • White
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Black

Optional exterior finishes are;

  • Lime Green
  • Light Blue
  • Orange
  • Gloss White
  • Primary Blue
  • Primary Green
  • Primary Yellow
  • Primary Red


Once an order is received, our site surveyor will arrange a site survey to double-check all dimensions.

We will send all customers a final approval drawing based on the site survey before manufacturer commences.

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