We have Flexible and Retractable Tape Barriers available in several types. Chrome posts, anodized aluminium posts and High visibility for safety where designated areas can be cordoned off quickly. The tape barriers can be wall or floor mounted, and new models include Magnetic brackets. Please view the full brochure available at the bottom of this page.

Flexible and Retractable Tape Barriers

The TRAFFIC-LINE Chrome Plated Belt Stands are an elegant and stylish barrier and queue management system, easily adaptable to changing situations and requirements.

attractive flexible barriers

•Quickly and easily deployed.
• Flexible queue options.
• High quality polished chrome finish.
• Self tension 3 m belt in black/silver/black.
• Smooth and controlled belt retraction.
• Equipped with cartridge and three belt anchorages.

Airports, hotels, retail outlets, banks, museums, public buildings etc.


  • Overall height: 960 mm
  • Post dia.: 60 mm
  • Base Plate dia.: 335 mm
  • Belt length: 3 m
  • Weight: 11.3 kg

TRAFFIC-LINE Aluminium Belt Stands

aluminium retracting belt system

Ideal for providing that quick barrier to ‘no go’ areas and effectively managing queues.

• Flexible and easy to use.
• Aluminium posts in 8 colours.
• Plastic coated metal bases.
• Superb stability due to low centre of gravity.
• Self tension 3m belts in 4 bi-colours.
• Damped retraction mechanism for greater control.

Applications:  Banks, hospitals, public buildings, retail units, museums etc.


  • Overall height: 955 mm
  • Post dia.: 60 mm
  • Base plate dia.: 325 mm
  • Weight: 11.5 kg


  • Wall clip.
  • Belt joining link.

TRAFFIC-LINE Hi-Vis Belt Stands - a supremely flexible system that provides either permanent or temporary demarcation of pedestrian areas from vehicular traffic routes.

workshop flexible barriers

• Quickly & easily deployed.
• High visibility colour scheme.
• Moulded bases with reflectors.
• Temporary or permanent installation.
• Base can be weighted with water or sand.
• Powder coated aluminium posts.
• Self-tension 3 m belt.
• Damped belt mechanism for controlled retraction.
• Secure four point fixing for permanent installations. (Fixing bolts available at extra cost)

Applications:  Barriers, guidance, parking facilities, industrial premises, warehouses, outdoor facilities, etc.


  • Overall height: 985 mm
  • Post dia.: 60 mm
  • Post colours: Yellow, Red
  • Weight: 13 kg (filled), 2.4 kg (empty)
  • Base dia.: 330 mm
  • Base colours: Yellow/Black, Red/White
  • Belt length: 3 m

Belt colours:
Black/Yellow diagonal stripes.
diagonal stripes.
or single colours available.

Accessories: Wall mounted clips.

Brochure Download for Flexible Tape Barriers



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