Two different models of Tanker Cantilever Ladder Steps. Freestanding and easy to move tanker ladders for accessing tankers for operations, maintenance, and inspection work.

Krause Tanker Cantilever Ladder Steps

krause tanker steps rectangle

  • Freestanding and easy to move tanker ladder for accessing tankers for operating and inspection work.
  • The tanker ladder with the easy adjustable rack
  • Safe access to tank lorries for control works or loading and unloading as well as for sampling
  • Also, suitable for cleaning, maintenance and defrosting works
  • 1500 x 2300 mm large, extended (angular) basket railing for more safety during all works on tanking level
  • Profiled in the rails welded rungs for a safe ascent
  • Self-locking against unintended misplacing and uncontrolled slipping of the upper part of the tanker ladder
  • Stable galvanized steel gear with handle rail for comfortable movement
  • 500 x 900 mm large platform made of corrugated aluminium with handrail on both sides
  • Due to a low-maintenance rack it is easy to handle (no twisting or cracking of a steel rope)
  • High comfort and efficiency due to height-adjustment (up to 280 mm
  • from rung to rung) – the tanker ladder can be adjusted in the height with minimal effort via crank and rack
  • It may be used immediately (ballast weights are included in the scope of delivery)
  • Supplied in pre-assembled modules (therefore it is easy to assemble)

Specially designed for:

  • Inspection work during loading and unloading
  • Taking samples from tankers and tanker wagons and trailers
  • Safe access for cleaning, de-icing and maintenance work
  • This ladder offers a wide range of advantages, from providing quick and safe tanker access, to its full-surround rail for creating a safe working space, to the double handrails for extra safety whilst climbing.

 krause tanker steps

Especially comfortable and efficient thanks to…

  • Sturdy and robust galvanised steel frame with handles for greater ease when moving it
  • 500 x 900 mm large platform with double rail
  • Height adjustable (rung by rung, 280 mm each), requiring little force thanks to crank and rack
  • Long projecting platform which removes the need for having to move under silos or tanker wagons

Maximum Safety

  • Double handrails for maximum safety whilst climbing
  • Large, projecting guard rail cage, available as a round 1,500 x 1,500 mm or square 2,300 x 1,500 mm version
  • Ribbed steps welded to the side rails for maximum safety
  • With self-locking mechanism that stops the ladder from being accidentally moved and the top ladder section sliding back down
  • With extra arrestor for the rack

Krause Tanker Ladder Steps

  • Easy to maintain rack (as opposed to steel rope that could twist or tear)
  • Ready for immediate use (supplied with ballast weight)
  • Supplied in pre-assembled modules designed for quick assembly
  • Weight of steps 312 KG
  • Upper platform length 900 mm
  • Chassis Length, 2300 mm
  • Chassis width 2000 mm
  • Cage dimensions 1500 × 1500 and 1500 × 2300 mm
Code Number

Vertical Step

Off Height m

Width Of

Chassis m

Weight kg
890009 2.88-4.20 2.00 312
890023 2.88-4.20 2.00 311
890108 Tanker Ladder Jack Set

Hymer Tanker Ladder Steps

tanker ladder steps

Safely and conveniently inspect and maintain tankers and tank trailers with our mobile, height adjustable Hymer 2280 tanker stepladder.

The tried and tested design includes a wide stabilizer bar to the front, dual handrails for safe access, and an extra wide platform at the top. Design options include a circular, rectangular or extra wide safety cage.

Industrial Castors

tanker ladder castors detail

Industrial Quality Winch

tanker ladder winch detail

  • Model For the Steps, 228001
  • 2 fixed castors and 2 swivel castors, 160 mm diameter wheels
  • 2 fixed castors and 2 swivel castors, 200 mm diameter wheels
  • Weight capacity 150 kg
  • 10-year guarantee


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