Stainless-steel conveyors are predominantly for the food industry. These are a small selection of the most popular stainless conveyors though we can supply a much wider range.

lynx stainless-steel conveyor components

The Lynx Stainless-steel Conveyor

lynx stainless-steel conveyor

  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Belt: Seamless 2 mm polyurethane true track
  • Speeds: Variable or fixed
  • Power Requirements: 240 volt single phase or 415 volt 3 phases 50Hz
  • Protection: IP65


  • Trough belt conveyor.
  • Transportation of loose bulk product with its specially formed trough bed profile.
  • Open tubular construction offers unmatched levels of hygiene.
  • Fully welded construction with durable and hygienic bead blast finish.
  • Cantilevered leg assembly and telescopic release system allows fast belt removal without the need for strip-down.
  • Designed for hygiene conscious industries.
  • Efficient solution to your bulk handling needs.
  • Options: 
    Belt Scrapers
    Lockable Castors
    Side Guides
    Side Tables
    Transfer Chutes

Cantilevered "Z-leg" Belt Conveyor

z leg stainless-steel conveyor

  • Suitable for a variety of conveying applications
  • Hygienic design, 304 grade stainless steel
  • Optional extras available, i.e. side guides, under trays etc;
  • Cantilever design for belt removal from side of conveyor
  • Quick release end to assist belt life
  • Drum drive or external motor options
  • Fixed or variable speed

z leg conveyor stainless-steel quick release belt

Hygienic design food grade belt conveyors available in a range of widths from 200 to 600 mm and lengths to suit application.

Inclined Stainless-steel Belt Conveyor

inclined stainless-steel belt conveyor

Hygienic incline belt conveyor designed to suit a variety of different applications involving the transportation of product up inclines and down declines.

  • Material:304 grade stainless steel
  • Belt:Various available to suit application
  • Motor options:Drum drive or geared motors available

inclined stainless-steel belt conveyor top


  • Full industry range of hygienic belt types and sizes fitted to suit product
  • Belts easily removable if required for intensive cleaning and maintenance
  • Various belts support types available to suit duty and application
  • Available to suit light, medium or heavy-duty applications

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