The stainless-steel bubble bin, manufactured in Europe to exacting standards, is available in 360 or 600 litres capacity and trumps most other bins that are nowhere as attractive. The unique design offers several advantages over underground and surface bins, currently used around the town or city.

Bubble Bin Advantages

Bubble bin side and top view


“A sphere is the most efficient enclosure of a volume”

With most cities' utility mapping and responsibilities lies with many agencies such as the power and communications companies, so digging for underground bins leads to a lot of planning and possible complications as some cities date back countless centuries.

With the bubble bin you have a Very large capacity of 600 litres which replaces 15 of the older 40 litre post mounted bins and 20 of the 30 litre bins which helps to make emptying a lot easier with just one aperture compared to 30 of the older style bins.

These bins can be freestanding or fixed to the pavement using standard fixings and without a major disturbance to the local area.

The clever aperture is designed to take only litter such as food wrappers, bottles and not big enough to take larger household waste.

Bubble Bin Emptying

Bubble bin in emptying mode 600 

The clever bins and their spherical shape are perfect for vacuum suction and one person can empty a bin in just a few minutes with the added advantage of no liners.

Designed to be emptied by just one person.

For the connected city sensors can be fitted turning the bubble into a smart bin that predicts the emptying cycle to further optimise the waste management cycle.

Manufactured from 2 to 4 mm thick, quality brushed stainless steel, the bins are naturally corrosion resistant and impervious to the weather. The bins can also be coated with the optional anti-graffiti coating, should you wish.

Bubble bin dimensions schematic

Advantages of the Bubble Bin

  • Unique and Aesthetic Design
  • Large volume 360 or 600 Litres
  • Unique and efficient airflow
  • Reduction of logistics is saving costs and pollution
  • Effective reduction of street litter
  • Ergonomic and fast emptying
  • Collection as a one-man show
  • Smart city connectivity with filling measurement
  • Above ground without utility risking groundwork
  • No bags, do not create waste while collecting it
  • Sustainable and vandalism resistant, 4 mm steel
  • Easy to remove to give space to city events
  • Customised colours and city markings

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The Bubble planters can also be supplied, offering matching street furniture for the ultimate design boost.

Bubble bin alternative planters


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