With the Health Technical Memorandum 71 or HTM71 for short, the hospitals and clinics across the UK now use the same size trays of 600 × 400 mm with various depths. Merlin can provide a wide range of mobile storage options for all parts of the health industry and in stainless steel which, unlike plastics, is safe to use in an autoclave.

Stainless Steel HTM Medical Trolleys

Manufactured in the UK under ISO90001, BSI Quality Assurance, SEDEX and conforming to Social & Ethical Audit (carried out by SGS) all these stainless steel products offer a system to deter infections and look good for many years.

The HTM71 Liners and Tray Clips are the first within the UK to offer Antimicrobial protection as standard

We now have some models in stock at the factory


Tray Clips (Arrestors)

htm tray arrestor clip

Designed to provide a simple yet secure method of tray arrest whilst minimising dirt and bug traps.
Manufactured using Acetal with the addition of antibacterial additive within the moulding process.
Once tray configuration has been decided, the clips are simply located in place and tapped home, they are easily removed to enable re-location should you wish to change the configuration at any point in time.
Tray Clips are handed, as such each tray should have 1 x RH & 1 x LH tray clip.

We would always recommend the use of tray clips to stop accidental removal of trays

HTM71 Plastic Trays

htm medical tray with dividers and coloured clips

Coloured tabs / clips offer an easy and quick way to identify a product quickly

To compliment our HTM71 range, we also offer our clear polymer trays in various sizes and depths. Each tray has side vents and a solid base to ensure product or spillage does not “drop through” and contaminate other areas.

htm medical tray with dividersBoth length and width dividers are available for each tray for sub-division of stock whilst maximising product storage, locating in place to provide various configurations.

HTM71 Stainless Steel Trolleys

ss htm trolley with pull out trays

The HTM Stainless steel trolleys are available in a range of sizes but all cater for the standard HTM71 trays which are 600 x 400 mm. We can supply with a choice of tops, Flat, Removable and Recessed as detailed below.

Flat top HTM71 Trolley in Stainless Steel

ss htm trolley with 5 x trays and flat top


Recessed top HTM71 Trolley in Stainless Steel

ss htm trolley with recessed tray

Removable top HTM71 Trolley in Stainless Steel

 removeable recessed stainless steel top

 As well as the standard HTM stainless trolleys we have a range of single or double column mobile and static tray storage systems.

htm single column 12 tray levels trolley

As well as the HTM71 equipment shown above we can also supply the healthcare industry with other equipment.

Stainless Steel IV Trolley

ss medical iv mobile stand

Available with 4 and 2 hooks as well as the anti-static castors.

close up ss iv stand top 600

twin iv bag stand top stainless steel

stainless steel trolleys with anti static castors

Please contact Merlin with any requirement for UK manufactures stainless steel products that are suitable for the NHS and other healthcare professionals.

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