Convenient spring lift laundry trolleys that raise when emptying and lower when filing for quicker operations and less back strain. Each trolley can be set at different load capacities, for wet or dry laundry, and are mounted on a galvanized chassis with castors set in a diamond or square formation.

A choice of colours helps differentiate the wet from dry trolleys in a busy hotel, laundry, or hospital.

Spring lift laundry units are designed for wet and dry sheets and bedding, with a clever cut-out that allows the drainage of liquids so that the mechanism is protected.

CLM125 Black

By using a self-levelling unit, the possibilities of a worker injuring their back are greatly reduced. The pantograph works by a scissors and spring system that is set at a pre-calculated rate and can be altered to work with your laundries specifications.

Each time an object is placed on the platform, it lowers a little, leaving the item at a reachable height. The reverse happens when removing objects from the unit, each time an object is removed the platform rises, ensuring the items are always at the top of the unit to ease back problems in the workplace.

The spring resistance is set at the factory before delivery. Please measure/weigh an equivalent volume of items so that we can accurately set the springs so that the levels adjust perfectly to suit your needs.

CLM125 Blue

The units can be housed in plastic or metal bodies, either static or mobile.
These units are very versatile and can be adopted into many environments ranging from laundries, textile, engineering, coin movement, order picking areas etc, the possibilities are endless.

CLM125 With Handle 2

All of these units are true self levelling / spring lift, which means they will not jam even when loaded unevenly. 

As well as the spring lift trolleys, we also have Front of Ironer spring lift units.


In Front of Ironer spring lift units are specifically designed to work with industrial ironers assisting the operator by reducing bending and lifting at their workstation.

CLM217A Red

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