uBin Plastic Office Recycling Bin

uBin Plastic Office Recycling Bin

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uBin Plastic Office Recycling Bin

Made of 100% recycle plastic – the uBin is the first bin in the world made from recycled UK post-consumer plastic.

70 litre capacity

Free Sticker Set with each Bin

6 x wrap compatible polypropylene stickers are included with every bin.

Each sticker is laminated with a matte polypropylene top layer for a slick looking, long lasting wear resistant finish.

Shaped Bin Inserts

Shaped & coloured lid inserts help even the most reluctant of recyclers to put the right things in the right bins.

The lid inserts can be easily changed, so if your bin changes role at a later date, no problem.

  • The recessed air vent lets air in when removing the liner – making it very easy to empty the uBin.
  • The deep overhanging lid neatly hides ugly liners from view.
  • The tall design offers maximum visibility and prevents the user from bending down.
  • The sloping lid makes the bin visible from a distance and prevents stray items being left on the lid.
  • Wall thickness of 2.5mm makes the uBin one of the thickest bins on the market.
  • The uBin is just as elegant without the coloured insert, offering you more budget flexibility.
  • And they can be linked together – keep your uBins neatly together with the hidden Joining Clip. Liners can be changed without removing the clip. Please ask for more details.

Additional information

Dimensions50 × 33 × 81 cm