Multi-Drawer Metal 40 Cabinet Plus Model 947-465610

Multi-Drawer Metal 40 Cabinet Plus Model 947-465610

£127.00 £103.02 Inc VAT £123.62

Multi-Drawer Metal Plus Model 947-465610


Multi-Drawer Metal Plus

Steel drawer cabinets with fixed shelves and dividers for small parts and larger items.
Small and large drawers/bins allow for a multitude of applications and uses.

The one size frame allows for many differing combinations of drawer configurations.
Wall mountable and stackable, constructed from a sturdy steel frame and shelves.
Supplied complete with dividers and ID labels.

Units come with keyhole slots for wall mounting (fixings not supplied).

Drawer stops prevent drawers from falling out.

Each drawer has locations for dividers adding to the ease of component segregation.



Metal 40 Cabinet:

  • 5 no. E3, 4 no. A3, 1 no. 2C3, 2 no. 2B3, 3 no. 2D3, 3 no. 2B Drawers
  • 5 no. E3, 5 no. A3, 2 no. 2C3, 2 no. 2B3, 3 no. 2D3, 4 no. 2B Dividers

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