Multi-Drawer Metal Compact 90 Cabinet Model 947-465530

£159.00 £124.22 Inc VAT £149.06

Multi-Drawer Metal Compact Model 947-465530


Multi-Drawer Metal Compact 90 Cabinet

Steel frame cabinets with fixed steel shelves, drawers and dividers.
Premium quality cabinets suitable for a wide range of uses including industrial and at home.

Available in three different frame sizes and different drawer combinations.
These cabinets are stackable and wall mountable.

  • Drawers are supplied with rear stops to prevent them falling out.
  • Units come with keyhole slots for wall mounting (fixings not supplied)
  • Drawer stops prevent drawers from falling out.
  • Each drawer has locations for dividers adding to the ease of component segregation.


Compact 90 Cabinet:

  • 60 no. E3 Drawer
  • 30 no. E3 Divider