Lightweight Mini Pallet Truck - LLT500

Lightweight Mini Pallet Truck – LLT500

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Lightweight Mini Pallet Truck – 500kg Capacity – Length of Forks: 800mm. Width over Forks: 380mm.

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Lightweight Mini Pallet Truck – LLT500

The LLT500 mini pallet truck is designed for light to medium use. It's compact size and low weight allow it to be easily transported in vans as well as being very manoeuverable thanks to its minimal turning radius. The forks are designed to work with most printer's pallets and other small pallets. If you are not sure whether this truck is suitable for you, please email us a photo or a sketch of your pallet with the basic dimensions.

This mini hand pallet truck also has a lowered height of only 60mm, making it ideal for small low profile pallets.

The mini pallet truck is very popular in the printing and photographic industries as well as by delivery van drivers with little room in the vehicle and/or weight limits.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity: 500 kg
Length of Forks:

800 mm

Width over Forks: 380 mm
Lowered Fork Height:

60 mm

Raised Fork Height: 170 mm

Polyurethane Steer Wheels/Nylon Load Rollers

Approx. Weight: 35 kg