IBC Base Heater for 1000L IBC

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IBC Base Heater and Controller for 1000L IBC.

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IBC Base Heater for 1000L IBC

IBC Base Heater for 1000L IBC is an effective and powerful way to heat up contents inside an IBC container.

The base heater is perfect for heating viscous or semi-solid products and making them very easy to discharge from a container with minimal to no waste product.

The 2700W base heater can heat e.g. water in a fully loaded IBC container from 15°C to 70°C in less than 40 hours. If a faster heating process is required we recommend adding an IBC insulation jacket to the process.

Kuhlmann Silicone Base Heaters are produced in highly durable and long lasting silicone materials that easily can withstand the weight on a fully loaded IBC Container. The base heater fits a variety of intermediate bulk containers (IBC containers) including IBC containers from Schütz, GNX, Mauser, Werit and Greif.

The silicone base heater is very easy to install and to use – simply remove the bulk container from the IBC frame and install the silicone heater in the very bottom on the frame. Insert the container on top of the heater, fill the container and you are all set to heat the contents. This also makes the heater ideal for heating and maintaining temperature while transporting the IBC container.

The IBC silicone base heater can be mounted with an adjustable digital temperature controller for safe and precise temperature controlling.

Technical Information:

Durable and long lasting silicone materials that easily withstands the pressure from a fully loaded IBC container.

  • Dimensions: 1035 – 851mm.
  • Materials: 100% silicone.
  • 1,5 meter power cord with no plugs.
  • 0-150°C – PTC100 Sensor System
  • Heats water from 15°C – 70°C in less than 40 hours in a fully loaded IBC Container.


13-1436S Base heater for 1000L IBC. PT100 Sensor.

IP64 rated (Controller: IP54)

Including External DigiTherm Controller (Item# 19-2674)

230V 2700W 1035 x 851mm 1000L


The heating blanket will be delivered without a plug.