Safety guidelines say that workers should be able to access safety showers within ten seconds and have a fifteen-minute supply. Rapid decontamination is essential for areas where caustic chemicals are used.

We can supply a wide range of safety showers, from wall-mounted products to special self-contained units for mass usage and the ability to work totally free of the local water supply in case it is compromised.

Speakman® Wall-Mounted Shower

wall mouted shower plastic head

Activation of this shower is via a yellow aluminium triangle handle which opens and closes a ‘stay-open’ ball valve. The pipe fittings are manufactured from galvanised steel and then painted in ‘safety’ green.

  • Model SE-227
  • Available Worldwide
  • Plastic shower head
  • Full specifications in the brochure below.

Combination Shower With Self Drain Platform

CPSE Safety Shower


Manufactured using galvanised pipe work which is protected with an anti-corrosive Polyamide 11 high visibility yellow plastic coating to give good resistance to acids, bases, seawater and oils, all fittings are brass and the 250 mm diameter shower head and eye wash bowl are manufactured from ABS reinforced plastic. The eye wash has two high flows, aerated low-pressure outlets fitted with automatic opening dust covers.

This combination safety shower and eye wash is fitted with an automatic drain system to remove residual water after use and has been designed to meet and exceed the internationally recognised standards: EN15154 parts 1 & 2, DIN12899.3 and ANSI Z358.1.

  • Model CPSE
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Worldwide delivery options available


Water inlet: 1¼” BSP
Water inlet pressure: Recommended 2 bar with a maximum of 8 bar – please notify us before ordering if your water pressure is below 1.5 bar
Shower flow rate: Regulated at 110 litres per minute
Shower operation: Pull handle
Shower valve: Automatic drain & full bore 1¼”
Eyewash flow rate: 22 litres per minute
Eyewash operation: Push paddle & foot treadle
Eyewash valve: Automatic drain & full bore ½”
Waste: 1¼” BSP
Total weight: 36 kg
Dimensions: 76 x 25 x 20 cm

Commercial Specification Heat Trace Safety Shower

HTS 1 safety shower

Product Information

The HTS-1 is a traced heat (commercial electrics) decontamination shower that is protected against freezing by trace heat cabling and an insulated jacket which gives protection down to -25 °C. The water supply is via a bottom feed supply and the shower head is activated by a high visibility yellow pull handle which opens the “stay-open” valve, which means that the shower will continue to operate until the valve is closed by pushing the handle back into the “up” position.

Options include:

  • Bullhorn eye wash
  • Galvanised or stainless-steel waste water collection sumps
  • Galvanised or stainless-steel cubicles with collections sumps
  • Commercial electrics PIR lighting
  • Commercial electrics Alarm/sounder with proximity switch
  • ATEX Zone 1 Lighting
  • ATEX Trace heating
  • ATEX Zone 1 Alarm/sounder with proximity switch
  • Model HTS-1
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Worldwide delivery options available
  • Full specifications in the brochure below.

Suitable anchors must be used to ensure that the unit is rigid and properly secured before being used. If desired or required, additional straps or braces can be used to secure any unit.


Heat Trace information

220 volts @ 20 watts per metre; self-regulating

You will require an appropriate size/capacity fork lift truck to offload this item from the delivery vehicle. Our standard delivery doesn’t include any offloading.

Vertical Emergency Tank Shower

SE VTS 2 vertical safety shower

An emergency shower solution for when a constant water supply or adequate water pressure is unavailable.

Supported on a hot dip galvanised (provides corrosion protection) carbon steel, square tubular frame with bolt down fixing brackets, the moulded polyethylene 1250 LTR water tank is covered in reflective Kingspan Thermapitch® TP10 rigid polyurethane foam, insulation board (0.022W/m.k thermal conductivity) and the tank structure is further protected by a shroud complete with warning signage. The heating element sits in a sump to ensure it is covered at all times, even if the tank is empty, and the system is fitted with a test activation handle which is accessed from outside the shower area.

Dimensions: 1320 mm x 1430 mm x 3600 mm H (overall height)
Weights 470 kg when empty & 1,775 kg when full
Heating: 2.25” BSP connection – 230v 3kw rated, wired to a rotary isolation switch
Tank capacity: 1250 litres
Flow rate: Needs to be fitted with an optional electric pump to ensure compliance with the ANSI Z358.1 flow standard of 75.7lpm over 15 minutes duration
Shower head: Full stainless-steel construction
Wetted parts: Manufactured from non-ferrous materials
Activation Full width bar across the rear of the unit, which also extends beyond the framework for remote & test activation.

Visual water level indicator: Fitted on front face of tank shroud

  • Model SE-VTS-2
  • Manufactured to Order
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Worldwide delivery options available
  • Full specifications in the brochure below.

Wrap Around Emergency Safety Shower

wrap around safety shower waes

A rotationally moulded polyethylene wrap-around water tank and pipework encased in a one piece GRP shroud with access panels for pump, pipework & electrical controls. This emergency safety shower is fitted with galvanised grid mesh treadle, which when walked on activates the shower and is enclosed on three sides. An electric pump maintains the flow rate and used water can be pumped straight to a waste water holding tank ready for disposal.

Options include:

  • GRP roof and one piece shroud can be supplied in a range of colours
  • Eyewash basin
  • Galvanised or stainless-steel collection sump complete with ramp
  • Stainless-steel grid mesh & activator
  • Chiller unit
  • Solar Panels/Inverter/battery system
  • Digital display for water temperature and level
  • Alarm system for water temperature and level
  • Remote Alarm system to BMS via volt free signal
  • 110v equipment (Standard is 230v)
  • Model WAES
  • Manufactured to order in the United Kingdom
  • Worldwide delivery available
  • Brochure with specifications below.
Dimensions: 1.87 m L x 1.57 m D x 2.77 m H (to top of curved roof)
Shower Flow rate: From 75.7 litres per min
Eyewash flow rate: From 1.5 litres per min
Tank Capacity: 1250 litres
Activation Grid mesh treadle, which when walked on activates the shower


This unit will be delivered by an HGV, possibly articulated, therefore please ensure that a vehicle of this type can access your premises before ordering and advise us accordingly.

You will require an appropriate size/capacity forklift truck to offload this item from the delivery vehicle. Our standard delivery doesn’t include any offloading.

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