Rim Grip Drum Handlers are a forklift attachment for gripping steel drums or plastic drums by the rim with either a single or double drum grip. Perfect for moving many drums.

Rim Grip Drum Handlers

Rim Grip Drum Handlers 400

  • Ideal for high volumes
  • Handle drums of varying diameters
  • Handle drums packed tightly together
  • Handles damaged and open topped drums
  • Ideal for transporting over rough ground
  • Hardened steel jaws grip the drum by the rim
  • The heavier the drum, the tighter the grip
  • Maximum fork spread 560 mm
  • Maximum fork size 140 x 50 mm

E-PB1 - Load capacity 750 kg (Shown above)

E-PB2 - Load capacity 1500 kg

fork mounted rim grip


A three drum grip handler is also available, Model E-PB-3 with a weight capacity of 2250 kg

Plastic Drum Rim Gripper

plastic drum rim gripper

Designed for handling 210 litre open-top Mauser plastic drums, this drum handler comes fitted with a special gripping head, making it suitable for all sizes of Mauser drums.

Due to the tapered shape of Mauser drums, many drum handlers are not suitable for handling this type of drum. With the special gripping head of this particular drum lifter, it is the ideal drum handler to choose for handling Mauser drums that are packed tightly on pallets

The rim grip Mauser drum handler is supplied with a mild steel frame and zinc plated 'T' bolt screws for safe retention to the forklift, and like all our forklift attachments, comes fully tested and certified to comply with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.

  • Suitable for use with 210 litres open-top Mauser (egg shaped) plastic drums
  • Strong 'Parrot Beak' gripping mechanism reduces dangerous and costly spillages and drum damage
  • Hard steel gripping head for a long service life with low maintenance and operating costs
  • Ample sized fork pockets to suit most fork trucks, no need to risk back strain through manual handling
  • Fully automatic in operation, reducing time and labour costs
  • Freestanding allows quick and easy fitment on and off the forklift with heavy-duty zinc plated screw clamps for safe securing
  • 'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity for Health & Safety Regulations
Model Ref Capacity [kg] Drum Type Fork Entry [mm]
PB-1-MAUSER 750 Mauser (Egg Shape) 130 x 70

Fork Mounted Rim Grip

Fork Mounted Rim Grip

The fully automatic Rim Grip is versatile and efficient for the movement of a wide variety of steel and plastic drums that are either open or closed toped. The hardened steel jaws lift from the rim of the drum, thus allowing the safe movement of both new and damaged drums.

Approximate lead time: Approx 2–3 days

Model Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) C of G (mm) LLC (mm) No of Drums
IRG-1 750 70 850 Fork Length + 240 1
IRG-2 1500 90 630 Fork Length + 240 2

Operating Instructions

  • Position the forks the correct distance apart to locate into fork pockets.
  • Drive forks fully into the fork pockets, ensuring thumb screws are suitably retracted.
  • Tighten thumb screws on to forks, ensuring that they are adequately tightened.
  • Raise the forks, so the Rim Grip clears the ground and the lower jaw of the Rim Grip head is slightly below the Drum Rim.
  • Once positioned, move forward and raise the forks slowly and in the same motion until the drum is correctly ‘hooked on’ (a slight forward tilt on the mast is acceptable to assist the hooking on).
  • Raise the forks until the drum sufficiently clears the ground/racking, and tilt the mast back so that the Rim Grip pillar is vertical (a slight backward tilt also assists drum clearance).
  • The fork lift can now be manoeuvred safely with the drum attached.
  • To release the drum, lower the forks until both the jaws are released and clear of the Drum Rim.
  • The Rim Grip is now ready for use again.

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